Dermal Filler are budget friendly treatments that can instantly rejuvenate your appearance. 

The main purpose of fillers are to put back the volume lost during the aging process and smoothen lines and wrinkles. Here are some 5 necessary details before getting injectable fillers.

1)  Dermal fillers are perfectly safe to be injected under the skin. 

The use of dermal fillers has long been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through a series of tests . It was also approved in Canada since 1981. 

2) Be mindful of the person doing the treatment. 

Trust only licenced and trained professionals to administer the procedure. Certified injectors should a thorough understanding and knowledge about facial symmetry to acheive the optimum outcome. Dr. Vihang Sharma is recognized as an expert in doing our nonsurgical and noninvasive cosmetic procedures. 

3) Choose dermal fillers that is hyaluronic acid based.  

HA (HA) which is a naturally occurring in our bodies. HA fillers are injected underneath the skin. If you feel a little nervous going through this type of treatment, there are a number of videos on the internet that will show you how easy and quick the process is. 

4) HA filler is a temporary treatment. 

HA based fillers dissolves overtime and are safely absorbed into the body. On average, fillers can last up to 12 months. To maintain the full effect, a top-up is recommended.  

5) The treatment is not painful.

Most dermal fillers are pre-mixed with lidocaine, a pain numbing agent. No downtime is required after getting the treatment, however, there may be few side effects such as slight redness or bruising and a feeling of tightness for a couple of days. 

Trust only an experienced, reputable, expert doctor and be confident during the treatment. Dr. Vihang Sharma is knowledgeable and has artistic techniques that will  make excellent results. 

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