Top 3 Liposuction Alternatives


If your diet and exercise regimen is on point already, that’s always good. Sometimes though even when you are doing everything possible to deal with excess fat, you may still struggle to deal with some stubborn regions that seem to hold too much fat no matter what you do. In situations like this, liposuction may be a great option. However, you may find that you have better options to liposuction depending on your specific circumstances or if you aren’t quite an ideal candidate for it. While liposuction is an impressive tool when used well, it isn’t a one size fits all solution to excess fat concerns.


A non-surgical liposuction alternative, CoolSculpting is a quirky alternative that many people are finding interesting and trying out. If you are close to your ideal weight, yet still have stubborn fat accumulation in some areas it may be something for you to look into considering. This approach to fat reduction uses cryolipolysis, which is a fat-freezing method to crystallize and break apart fat cells in a target area painlessly. The damaged fat cells are eliminated gradually as your body removes them. At the very least this alternative to liposuction is unquestionably an interesting one and being a non-invasive fat reduction method makes it all the more interesting as well.

Radiofrequency Fat Reduction

A minimally invasive approach to reduce fat in problem areas, radiofrequency fat reduction heats fat cells with the goal to dissolve them. Your body will eliminate any fat cells that are permanently damaged or destroyed by this process after the treatment. A bonus is the heat generated stimulates collagen production, which assists in keeping your skin tight and youthful-looking. It is often used to deal with areas like the chin, neck, stomach, upper legs and arms. This approach, as you likely may have suspected, uses radiofrequency waves to produce the heat. Combining a modern approach with an age-old concern and resulting in a refreshing alternative treatment to liposuction. A popular procedure that uses this approach is called ThermiRF.

Laser Lipolysis Fat Reduction

While CoolSculpting uses the cold to destroy fat cells, like ThermiRF laser lipolysis uses heat, just from a different source. Using a high-precision low-level fibre-optic laser at various wavelengths to melt and destroy fat cells, laser lipolysis is yet another alternative to liposuction that is minimally invasive and non-surgical. This approach also has the additional benefit of stimulating increased collagen production in treated areas thanks to the heat that is applied and the bodies response to its effect on the skin. Minor pain and bruising can be side effects of this method of fat-reduction, however many people find the results quite positive and worthwhile. This treatment is sometimes employed alongside a liposuction procedure to aid in skin tightening and help the skin shrink to adjust to the reduction in fatty deposits following the procedure. Laser Lipolysis may be something to look into and discuss with your medical practitioner if you are concerned about potential skin sag after liposuction, a common concern of those contemplating undergoing liposuction surgery.

What is the Best Liposuction Alternative?

This is a complicated question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. When it comes to problematic fat accumulation, there is a lot of variation in where, how much, people’s health, and other factors that come into play. The best way to find out what alternative to liposuction might be a good fit for you is to speak with an experienced cosmetic doctor like those at Skin Club in Melbourne. At Skin Club, they offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments that they perform with skill and experience, which results in their consistently impressive outcomes. Wherever you live finding a clinic that employs skilled practitioners, and a good range of options ensures you get the best help and they are less likely to try and sell you on the particular choice they provide. Check cosmetic clinic reviews near you, check before and after photos, and ask any friends that may have experience with local clinics to help decide on where you may want to go for a consultation.


If you find your consultation underwhelming, you can always go for another elsewhere, when it comes to your body and how you look working with someone you aren’t comfortable with can not only be stressful but make it hard to communicate your desires well. Being confident in your choices and having the work done by someone you can trust can make for a much better experience overall and is not something to be overlooked.

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