Most of us at one point or another have wondered if there are ways we could reduce how much we sweat, and while sweating is healthy sometimes, it can be inconvenient when we sweat too much, especially at an inopportune time. If you have a problem with excessive sweating as well, this can be even more of an issue for you and is likely something you think about a lot. If you are dealing with hyperhidrosis, there’s no better alternative treatment than seeking advice from a professional adept at dealing with excessive sweating problems. Still, there are some small changes you can make to your lifestyle that may help as well. When you are dealing with something that can be as detrimental to your confidence and comfort in social settings, every little bit of improvement can make a big difference in how you are coping with it.


While this is always important, ensuring you are adequately hydrated helps your body to function normally. Adequate hydration is essential for a large number of your natural bodily functions, and if you are sweating heavily, you are likely losing a lot of fluids. By ensuring you are well hydrated you also reduce the risk of things like heat stroke, and with most people already not drinking the recommended amount of water, for most of us, it’s a good habit to get into anyway.


Showering or bathing very regularly and using gentle products to clean yourself can be very helpful if you are sweating a lot. When you are sweating excessively, this promotes the growth of bacteria due to the moist environment, and this is why people that have hyperhidrosis often suffer from frequent or chronic skin infections in their problem areas. Maintaining good hygiene while may not necessarily help too much with reducing the amount you sweat outside of help cool you down, it will assist with body odour and things like infections caused by perspiring heavily.

Use a Quality Antiperspirant

While this seems obvious, often people don’t pay too much attention to the deodorants they buy and go on smell alone, this can lead to grabbing a “body spray” that is not very effective at managing sweating. Antiperspirants typically use aluminium salts to form essentially a plug that blocks the sweat glands to reduce perspiration. Your practitioner may even suggest you try a prescription antiperspirant that usually contains a higher level of aluminium salts compared to what is available over the counter, although some use other active ingredients, aluminium-based compounds are just the most common.

Dress Suitably

If you are having trouble managing how much you sweat a significant thing you may not have considered is not just what you wear on your body, but what you put on your feet as well. Wearing more breathable shoes and absorbent socks can help if you are someone that suffers from excessive sweating of the feet. Also dressing to suit what you are doing is excellent as well, where possible try and balance the climate and your comfort to keep you as cool and ideally allow your body access to fresh air by wearing breathable clothing. If it is a little colder wearing more absorbent clothing made of natural materials rather than synthetics can be helpful, this helps to absorb sweat rather than hold it in and keep it on your skin resulting in increased body odour and not feeling very fresh.

The Best Tip to Reduce Excessive Sweating

At the end of the day, if you are having problems with excessive sweating, you can’t ignore the value that professional advice and treatment can offer. While trying to minimise how much you sweat can be helpful, often if you are worried about this, you likely already have issues with excessive sweating that would benefit from treatment. Finding a well-respected clinic in your area that offers treatment for patients with excessive sweating can be a significant first step to finding a way to manage your sweat levels. If you are in Melbourne, you can’t go past the exceptional staff, service, and products available at the fantastic Skin Club clinic. Owned and operated by skilled and experienced Cosmetic Doctors, they can assist you in developing a treatment plan to tackle your excessive sweating problems head-on. Book an obligation-free consultation today and see what you can do to reduce excessive sweating.

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