Everybody has heard of UV rays causing wrinkles on our skin, but what about the everyday causes that lead us to getting wrinkles?


Wrinkles are folds and creases in our skin that normally appear as we age. The skin naturally gets thinner and drier as we grow older. It also becomes less elastic and less able to protect itself from damage.


When we’re younger, our skin returns to its regular smoothness despite being stretched and folded several times. According to research, in fact, grooves form underneath the surface of the skin every single time we use a facial muscle.


What causes wrinkles?


Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure accelerates the wrinkling of our skin. That means lots of people avoid sunbathing and tanning booths, as those contribute to the early appearance of wrinkles. People are also quick to hide from the Melbourne sun whenever it’s an unusually hot day.


But there are everyday causes of wrinkles, as well, and since they are less known to contribute to wrinkling, that means lots of people don’t know to avoid these factors that contribute to early wrinkles on our skin.


What exactly contributes to early signs of skin aging?




That’s right, your everyday caffeine fix may not be directly causing you wrinkles, but the sleep deprivation that comes with the energy boost that lasts you through the night definitely will.


Sleep deprivation prevents the release of the Human Growth Hormone that helps fight wrinkles and that repairs skin cells while you’re taking your beauty rest.


Not only that, but too much caffeine may trigger the stress hormone cortisol. This will lead to skin becoming oily and tissue growth and maintenance becoming significantly slower.




We all know that smoking is bad for the lungs, but did you know that it causes stress to your skin, too?


Not only will the constant act of inhaling smoke cause permanent wrinkles in the area around your face, but the British Journal of Dermatology has also found that smoking one pack of cigarettes a day can add ten years of aging to your skin.


Tobacco smoke has also been shown to be phototoxic, meaning their effects become extra harmful when exposed to sunlight.


In fact, cigarette smoking is actually three times as harmful as than two hours of sunlight exposure, according to a Japanese study.




Dehydration deprives our skin with vital nutrients, and alcohol is one such substance that can cause extreme dehydration. It follows that too much drinking will cause premature wrinkles to appear on your skin. Maybe it’s time to rethink that nightly glass of wine?


In addition to wrinkles, alcohol can also worsen the effects of skin diseases like psoriasis and rosacea.


How do we get rid of wrinkles?


Given all this, it’s easy to become paranoid over developing early signs of aging. After all, we can only avoid coffee, cigarette smoke and alcohol to a certain extent.


There’s no need for furrowed eyebrows, however (those will cause wrinkles, too!), because expert doctors like the ones at Skin Club offer safe and affordable anti-wrinkle treatments, perfect for anyone who wants to stop worrying about staying wrinkle-free!


Anti-wrinkle injections


Anti-wrinkle injections are popular among celebrities because they’re a quick and easy way to get rid of wrinkles in the skin.


The treatment uses a natural protein compound similar to penicillin, made by natural organisms and grown in a laboratory for use in cosmetic treatments. These injections relax muscles and reduce the intensity of fine lines on the face.


Anti-wrinkle treatments are non-surgical, which means they aren’t painful, only mildly uncomfortable.


Common areas treated with anti-wrinkle injections include:

  • Forehead
  • Around the eyes (Crow’s Feet)
  • Eyebrows
  • Jaw
  • Around the mouth


Dermal fillers


Dermal fillers are another non-surgical treatment that rejuvenates the skin and removes facial wrinkles. They work by filling chosen areas with fillers that contain hyaluronic acid, which smooths out wrinkles and makes the skin look young and rejuvenated.




Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is another natural treatment that stimulates collagen in a targeted area, improving skin elasticity, texture and volume.


Platelets rich with stem cells and growth factor proteins are extracted from the patient’s blood and then spun in a centrifuge for ten minutes. The plasma sample is then injected into the target area.


Three PRP injections will immediately make the skin look noticeably taut. Wrinkles will not only be removed, but loose skin and acne scarring are also side effects of PRP treatments.


Which treatment is for me?


Can’t decide what the best way is to get rid of wrinkles? That’s what cosmetic doctors are for! Skin Club doesn’t operate on clients without first going through an obligation-free consultation, where a personalized treatment plan is decided on by expert doctors and clients.

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