Options are fantastic, but understanding the differences is just as important. It’s not very useful to know you have them if you don’t know what the variations are or perhaps are unaware of one of the options that may turn out to be the best choice for you. If you are looking for a facial lift, consider your choices wisely, including the modern thread lift procedure that is rapidly gaining attention as more and more people look to this solution to enhancing their aesthetic.

Dermal Fillers

While this can be an alternative, it’s often an excellent companion treatment as well. When it comes to increasing volume, fillers are exceptional at what they do. For some people, you may find that your needs can be met with the application of some fillers to areas that have reduced in volume over the years or after things like excessive weight loss. If you have hollowing of your cheeks, for example, it’s entirely possible fillers may be a good option for you if you don’t have much if any actual skin sag. Volume can provide a surprising amount of support when the correct areas are targeted with the help and careful planning you can do with a skilled injector. They also make a very effective treatment for targeting many fine lines and wrinkles or things like enhancing the size of your lips, which in turn can help tighten up the skin around them.


The goal of this procedure is to help generate new collagen and refresh the skin tissue intending to improve the quality of the skin resulting in it being more toned, tighter, and firmer. This treatment involves a series of tiny pricks that is usually performed with a dermaroller that makes things a lot more efficient. There’s no downtime typically associated with microneedling making it an excellent option for those that can get adequate results from it. If you have scarring, larger pores, and wrinkles microneedling could potentially be a great option for you to consider. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that is usually suitable for most people in reasonable health as well making it quite accessible if some other options are off the table for you. For optimal results, you’ll likely require a few sessions, but with minor redness and some itchiness or irritation being the most common side effects having a few treatments usually isn’t too much of a hassle.

Chemical Peels

Coming in various strengths and types, chemical peels can be a suitable option if you are more concerned with your skin quality than having a lift itself. If you are more interested in reducing the look of tired, rough, and scarred skin, a chemical peel can be a suitable option much of the time. The strength will affect the depth of the peel, and this, in turn, is something that is important to consider. Discuss with your practitioner what your primary concerns are and issues you’d like to address and if a chemical peel is suitable to help you attain those improvements then you can work out how strong is required in consultation with your practitioner. Stronger is not always better, and the strength of the peel used will make recovering from the peel increase in intensity. Skin peels may not be the best option if you have a lot of excess skin and the lift itself is a priority. Still, they can help your skin return to a much more youthful glow with an improved texture and feel thanks to removing the outer layers of rough older skin and exposing the underlying fresher layers. When it comes to what the right treatment for facial rejuvenation is it largely comes down to what aesthetic concerns you prioritise most as well as what is most suited to your current condition.

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