Many people assume that to get a lift, you will need to have surgery to remove excess skin and tighten your problem areas. However, this is not necessarily the case. While for those with more excessive extreme loose skin, a facelift (rhytidectomy) may be the better option for a lot of people a thread lift procedure can be a better choice for a variety of reasons.

The Faster Lift Procedure

How long a procedure takes is a common consideration these days for a lot of people when they are deciding on what treatments they may consider pursuing. People are leading busier lives than ever, and time can be very scarce in a lot of people’s lives, making it quite a precious commodity. Having a rhytidectomy procedure is reasonably time-intensive, taking around three to four hours on average, and longer if you are having brow or eyelid work done at the same time. A thread lift, on the other hand, is quite swift to receive, the typical treatment only takes around half an hour to have completed.

The Recovery Process

While contemplating options to reach your cosmetic goals, the recovery process is something that is often a substantial consideration. Just as the time a procedure takes can be as often, people simply can’t spare the time for extensive downtime. Recovery from the typical thread lift treatment is surprisingly minimal, considering the results they can produce. People that have had thread lifts can go mostly back to their average routine that same day, albeit with a little care and some tenderness when the numbing wears off. This is a stark contrast to the typical recovery process for a facelift which involves at least two weeks to recover and four weeks to resume more intense activity. A surgical facelift is far more painful to recover from as well due to the sheer increase in invasiveness this surgical approach requires.

Which is More Flexible?

This one there’s not much competition, a thread lift allows adjustments including quite easily adding additional threads if desired. When you have a surgical facelift tissue is physically removed not just adjusted and provided with more support in the appropriate areas. Committing to a facelift or other surgical procedures can be quite intimidating, and it’s a fair thing to be concerned about when it’s not something you can do much about once the procedure is complete. One of the reasons less invasive and non-surgical facelift alternatives are growing in popularity alongside other alternatives to common cosmetic surgeries is due to the flexibility that is provided. While all adjustments you make to your look should absolutely be taken seriously, it’s hard to know exactly how you will feel once something has been completed, for the more flexible options at least you can often work on refining things to get the results you were looking for rather than to have yet more surgeries and sometimes getting stuck in a cycle of never being really satisfied.

Which is Right for Me?

What makes the most sense for you will involve considering a number of factors, including the state of your face currently. If you have a large amount of excess skin, it’s possible a surgical facelift may be necessary to deal with the sheer amount of skin. However, many people considering a facelift still have decent skin elasticity and not too much excess skin, allowing them to gain fantastic aesthetic benefits from opting instead for a thread lift. There are other concerns to consider as well, and many of these are specific to each individual, such as your budgetary concerns.

Finding Out if You Would Make a Good Candidate

If you are only just learning about a thread lift and were previously considering a rhytidectomy, perhaps you are now curious if you are a suitable candidate for a thread lift treatment. Many people can acheive fantastic results with this far less invasive treatment option. The best way to find out if you are well suited is to be assessed by a qualified Cosmetic Doctor. In Melbourne, the Cosmetic Doctors at Skin Club are adept at performing thread lifts for their patients, along with a wide variety of other modern cosmetic treatments. Book a consultation today and find out if perhaps you may be a better fit for a thread lift than a rhytidectomy.

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