Side effects are something to consider whenever thinking about getting any cosmetic treatment, or even when using a new cosmetic product. Having side effects isn’t something to be concerned about in the general sense as pretty much everything you do has some form of potential to result in negative outcomes or have the potential for an adverse reaction, it’s more about being fully informed when making a decision to undergo treatment. There is also a lot of interesting information that you should know if you are considering seeking out a thread lift procedure.

Possible Complications of a Thread Lift

There is always a level of risk of adverse outcomes or other complications with any medical procedure, and when it comes to having a thread lift treatment, this is no different. While many of these are uncommon, they should still be considered.

  • Facial Asymmetry
  • Infection and associated risks
  • Being able to feel the thread due to poor placement
  • Breakage of the threads
  • Threads migrating resulting

Common Side Effects Associated With Thread Lifts

Some side effects are relatively common when it comes to having a thread lift, thankfully these are usually mild and well tolerated, as well as generally passing reasonably quickly in the days following your treatment session. The most common issues people can experience are pain or discomfort after the numbing from the local anaesthetic has worn off, bruising, and swelling. These are fairly typical of many cosmetic procedures, but when you have your treatments performed by a skilled practitioner and you aren’t higher risk such as someone with thinner blood due to certain medications you take.

Who is a Good Thread Lift Candidate?

If you have reasonable body weight for your size, that’s always a great start. If you have a little extra weight and then lose it later, you are likely to possibly end up requiring additional adjustments so the closer you are to a stable and good weight for your size the better suited you will generally be. One of the significant factors to consider is how much skin sag and drooping you experience. If you have more than moderate excess skin you may require surgery to deal with the sheer volume of skin, but for many people that have reasonable skin elasticity and not too much sag they make great candidates. While only a rough gauge the most common ages people have thread lifts are between the ages of 30-60. However, this is not to say that people in that age range are only suitable; it will come down to your specific needs, desires, and the state of your skin and face at the end of the day whether you are well suited to this treatment.

Does a Thread Lift Hurt?

For many people considering cosmetic treatments, this is one of the first prevalent questions they tend to ask or wonder about. While you can experience some discomfort which is usually mild after the procedure has been performed, during the treatment, it is virtually painless. You will feel an initial sting just as the local anaesthesia is injected into the areas required to be numb to apply the threads, but once the numbing has adequately started to take hold the treatment itself should be very low impact in this regard. It’s also quite fast to have performed so even if you don’t like the idea too much of having things inserted under you skin and are a little scared, there’s no reason to be, with the numbing agent and the treatment only taking half an hour on average to perform it’s a treatment that is not something many would consider significantly painful by any means.

The Key to The Best Thread Lift Outcomes

Experience is one of the most significant factors that can contribute to getting a quality outcome, so it’s crucial you get your treatments from a well-run clinic with qualified and experienced staff performing your treatments. In Melbourne, you don’t have to look far; Skin Club provides a wide range of treatments while consistently producing quality results for patients thanks to their wealth of knowledge and experience. Book a consultation today and sit down with one of their impressive Cosmetic Doctors who take the time to assess your needs and help develop a path forward that is designed to match your needs and situation best.

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