If you are on the fence about looking more into getting a thread lift yourself, sometimes more information is a great way to help you decide if it’s something you would like to pursue more or not. While things like this thread lift frequently asked questions article is by no means a replacement for expert advice, it does help with providing you with some information about this interesting approach to sculpting your face without surgery.

What Does a Thread Lift Do?

A thread lift provides support and lift, making it an excellent alternative to a facelift in many cases. If you don’t have excessive loose skin and reasonable skin elasticity, it’s likely this could be a good option for you if you are seeking a non-surgical facelift alternative. Threads are inserted under the skin but above the muscle and once positioned are gently worked into position. These threads provide a form of scaffolding that supports and lifts the areas of the face that have been targeted in a very direct way. This treatment can produce a very natural look that can rejuvenate an ageing face that is starting to lose some of its definition and youthfulness.

How Long Does a Thread Lift Take?

Thread lifts are very quick to perform by an experienced practitioner, and the average treatment will only take around half an hour to complete. The time taken can vary depending on the number of threads you will be having applied. However, this is a quite fast procedure even when you are receiving a more significant amount of threads.

Do I Need to Go Under General Anaesthesia?

No, this is one of the great things about thread lifts. There’s no need to go under general anaesthesia to have a thread lift treatment. With the application of a local anaesthetic, the treatment is virtually painless once the numbing injections have taken hold. You will experience some soreness after the procedure is completed, typically this pain is manageable merely with some paracetamol and taking it a little easier than usual.

How Long Does It Last?

The amount of time a thread lift lasts will depend to some degree on the threads used and some other factors. Around one to two years can be expected. One of the great things about a thread lift is even after the threads have been absorbed; collagen remains in place that was produced by your body in response to the presence of the threads. This collagen can provide an improvement in support even after the threads have dissolved, making it a worthwhile treatment even if you only plan to do it once.

What is the Best Age for a Thread Lift?

While just about anyone can seek a thread lift procedure, provided they are a suitable candidate and would benefit from having one, the average age of people that get thread lift treatments is between 30-60. The main thing that may make you more suitable for a facelift instead of a thread lift is if you have too much excess skin. At a certain point, if there’s too much excess skin you are far more likely to get the most optimal results from a surgical facelift, thankfully for many people, this is not necessary and fantastic results can be acheived without going under the knife at all.

Where Can I Get the Best Thread Lift?

There are cosmetic clinics in most places these days, worst case you may find you have to travel a little if there isn’t a suitable one near you. You can help find the best clinics near you by checking reviews and looking at the overall sentiment of patients, looking at their social media accounts for before and after work, and booking a consultation to speak with them yourself. If you are in Melbourne, the choice is far easier when you have a clinic owned and operated by skilled Cosmetic Doctors with years of experience. Skin Club is well known for their ability to provide consistent quality outcomes for their patients along with providing a wide range of treatment options, including thread lifts. If you’d like to find out why many people consider them the place to get the best thread lift Melbourne has to offer, book a consultation today.

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