Dermal fillers, or injectable fillers, are a class of cosmetic procedures that are used to smooth out wrinkles, improve the appearance of facial sagging, or plump up under-eye bags. However, given its popularity, there are also plenty of people who are looking to take advantage of this demand. To do that, they make use of dermal fillers in a wide range of other procedures, some of which have been described as little more than scams. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to tell which treatments are good and which ones are scams. However, there are still a few tell-tale signs that you can keep an eye out for that will help you identify what’s real and what isn’t. That is why in this article we will list down some of the things to keep an eye out for.

Signs of Bad Fillers

Cost of the Treatment

As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is, especially when it comes to selling something. One of the surest signs of questionable products is the prices. Often the sellers will offer you a treatment, even one for traditional Melbourne dermal fillers at a price far below market value. Dermal fillers usually cost several hundred to over a thousand dollars for a single syringe. However, some scammers will offer this at a much lower end, seemingly for the same thing. It can sound crazy and that’s because it is and should be a red flag that it is a scam. Usually, the products they use are equally cheap and unreliable. While dermal fillers are not perfect and can have side effects, they are not nearly as bad as the ones here. These products are much more likely to cause issues.

Product Quality

Even for less invasive treatments like this, quality matters. While products can seem expensive, they usually cost the way they are because they have some quality to back them up. The best clinics can make use of top-quality machinery and medication to ensure your safety and quick recovery. It allows them to hire experienced doctors who have years of experience performing this treatment. Even if something does go wrong, a good clinic at least has methods to treat you to fix or at least limit the damage.

Meanwhile, in scam clinics, they need to cut corners to make the deal as sweet as possible. One of the first areas they cut corners in is with the quality of their service. You can be sure they aren’t hiring top-quality doctors or getting the most modern medicine. Putting this stuff in you can be an actual health risk as you are more likely to develop side effects or react badly to it.

FDA Approval

Or any kind of approval for that matter. Probably another the biggest thing to look out for is if the products they use have the proper certification. This is much more than just a fancy label, certification like this is a sign that the treatment has undergone proper research and testing. It is when doctors carefully test and study the product and determine that it is safe for public use. At the very least, with approval like that these products are subjected to regulation. If something does go wrong, there are systems in place that can help you. The worst part about these black market products is if you fall victim to them, you are basically on your own.

It isn’t just the product you should be keeping an eye out for but also the doctor giving it. Just like products, doctors need the right amount of certification. Even something as seemingly simple as giving injections like this can require special training and approval. If your doctor does not have certification or isn’t a board registered member, that is another sign that this treatment is no good.


One other method you can try is checking out what other people have to say about the product. With enough digging, you can probably find information and reviews of most places. No better way of figuring out whether a place is good or not than by asking those who experienced it. Here you can see firsthand whether they practice what they preach and help you. People usually post these stories online to help stop people from making the same mistakes they made. Sometimes you can find a pleasant surprise under this, but other times you will encounter some horror stories. However, this can be rather hard to do at times as information is not always available or people might not always be completely honest when talking about their experience.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot figure out if a dermal filler Melbourne treatment is any good or not until you get it. From there your chance is to see if it works or not. If the treatment can help, great, no problem. However, when it doesn’t the most likely outcome is an issue with side effects. You can experience things such as puffiness, asymmetry, and pain for one, but those are hardly out of the ordinary.

If that was all then it might not seem as bad. Some of these side effects can be pretty bad as well. The worst ones can be developing a fever or infection, experiencing bleeding, or having a straight-up allergic reaction. In these cases, you will almost certainly need some sort of treatment to try and fix it. This can require a visit to a real hospital where they will try and fix the issues.

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