Everyone is looking for some hidden truths about lip fillers, while the reality is they are just an impressively effective solution for a lot of people looking to enhance their lips. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of questions people have when it comes to this type of non-surgical lip augmentation. Read on to find out a few things you may or may not know about lip fillers, and find out the truth about lip fillers isn’t such a mystery at all.

Who is a Good Candidate for Lip Fillers?

Just about anyone that is looking to enhance, rejuvenate, or adjust their lips in a way that can be acheived with the addition of volume. Lip fillers are unable to remove volume, only add it, this doesn’t stop them from being able to improve the look of a variety of lip shapes and sizes by applying filler in just the right amounts to the right areas. The key to finding out if you are a good candidate for lip filler injections is to have a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor at a reputable clinic, this enables you to be assessed, discuss any factors that may make receiving fillers more difficult (blood thinners can lead to more bruising for example), and work on developing a treatment plan that can best acheive your ideal lip filler outcomes.

Are Lip Fillers Better than Lip Implants?

They both have their pros and cons; lip implants are a more permanent option, whereas fillers are a semi-permanent choice. However, lip implants are more invasive and uncomfortable to have positioned, involving cutting and can be quite uncomfortable. Lip implants can also feel and look less natural, though this is helped by placing the implants under the fatty tissue but above the muscle. When it comes to look and feel dermal fillers can pull off incredibly natural looks, even with moderately large volumes applied. Also if you compare the discomfort factor that is frequently an issue for those with lip implants, lip fillers tend to come out on top here too by quite a large margin, the most popular lip fillers these days are primarily composed of a compound that is found naturally in throughout the human body already, including the lips, so the addition of more of this leads to a feeling of natural lip hydration.

How Can I Avoid Duck Lips from Lip Fillers?

Casually referred to as duck lips, that overfilled or unnatural look that sometimes occurs from lip filler treatments can occur for a couple of reasons. Interestingly, neither of the common reasons this can occur is the fault of the lip fillers themselves. Inexperience is a way people often end up with unnatural looking lips after receiving injectable fillers. When the injector performing the treatment is not experienced enough, they can lack the ability to precisely place the fillers effectively producing a more natural look that is well balanced. The other issue that is a common cause of duck lips and bad lip filler outcomes is overfilling, this can be due again to an inexperienced injector but is sometimes a personal choice where someone has just decided to have quite a dramatic size increase. When receiving larger amounts of lip fillers if you swell a little, this can result in a temporary increase in size that can look a little “off”; however, this is typically short-lived lasting a few days at most outside of more rare cases. If you are experiencing excessive swelling or for an extended period of time, speak to your practitioner.

The Truth About Lip FIllers in Melbourne

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to lip filler treatments in Melbourne; few options stand out though like the impressive Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors. Owned an operated by qualified doctors, the clinic is run with professionalism and the highest of standards in all regards. Everything from the quality of products used, to the experience of their Cosmetic Doctors is exquisite, resulting in amazing service and treatment. When getting lip fillers you can read a lot, but nothing will provide you as much information as one of Skin Club’s in-depth consultations, book one today and see for yourself what the best lip filler experience in Melbourne is like.

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