A lot of people wonder about Kybella injections and if they really are the answer to removing fat from the face without surgery, and when it comes to the chin, often they are a great one. Kybella is one of the treatments becoming quite popular with the surge of interest in solving common cosmetic issues, without having to have surgery to rejuvenate, correct or enhance your aesthetic concerns.

Kybella Provides Results That Last

When Kybella is used to remove a double chin, the results last. Due to the fat cells that are affected by the injectable treatment being permanently destroyed, Kybella can be a long-term solution to a double chin. If you are at a healthy weight going into your Kybella treatment and manage to maintain a relatively stable weight in the future, it’s unlikely you will have to seek further remedies for excess chin fat in the future. When the number of fat cells in the submental region is reduced even if you do happen to gain some weight down the line, you will likely hold weight in a more proportioned way to what you may have previously.

Having Kybella Can Be Uncomfortable

Even minimally invasive cosmetic treatments like Kybella injections come with some discomfort. Even treatments that are purely external such as microdermabrasion can be a little uncomfortable, so the expectation of a bit of discomfort isn’t something that you should be overly concerned about. Most commonly after Kybella injections patients describe a feeling of warmth that can be reminiscent of a sunburn, but when you compare that to the frustration of dealing with a double chin that can be detrimental to your confidence, often the trade-off for some mild pain is well worth it. Whether it is worth it for you will depend, however, for most people that choose to undergo Kybella treatments, they find that the pain involved is tolerable and the results are typically more than worthwhile.

Kybella Causes Swelling

Yes, Kybella does cause swelling. However, some swelling after Kybella injections is actually considered a good thing. Swelling after you have had a Kybella treatment indicates that the expected activity is occurring. Usually, the worst of the swelling will have dissipated by the end of the first three days post-treatment. Some minor swelling can linger for the next few weeks but shouldn’t generally interfere much with your day to day activities. While you may hear Kybella horror stories about the swelling that results from this non-surgical alternative to chin liposuction, it’s nothing to be overly concerned about. There are some other side effects and potential adverse outcomes to consider so be sure to discuss these thoroughly with your cosmetic doctor to ensure you are not just fully informed but understand the risk to reward ratio of the treatment. As Kybella is composed primarily of a molecule found naturally in the human body, one of the things you are unlikely to experience is an allergic reaction when having Kybella treatments.

Double Chin Removal Cost is Reasonable

While it’s an affordable treatment option for a lot of people with more significant amounts of submental fat they’d like to have reduced, it does come at a cost. Thankfully even if you don’t have much disposable income, you still often have options. Some clinics like Skin Club in Melbourne offer their patients ZipPay, which can help you spread out your expenses into more manageable chunks. Kybella cost is often well worth it, but at the end of the day it comes down to your circumstances and what you can afford, and that’s different for virtually everyone.

Kybella Can Take a Few Sessions

The number of treatments required to reach your goal fat removal from the face can vary, so it’s good to put a little extra aside where you can to make sure you can get the best Kybella results possible by seeing out your sessions until you reach your result. While some people may find they get great results after one session, some people may require (for example) two or three, mainly depending on the amount of fat that is being targeted with these fat dissolving injections. Book a consultation with a skilled cosmetic doctor, such as those at Skin Club, where you can find some of the finest treatments with double chin injections Melbourne has to offer. After assessing your current situation, discuss your desired outcome, and other factors involved, your practitioner can then work with you on reaching them.

Even when you look at Kybella treatments with an open and honest look, the reality is they are a brilliant option for a lot of people. Yes, you may experience some swelling, yes injections can be a little uncomfortable what’s worse though is the recovery from chin liposuction and other invasive surgical treatments. For many people what would be far worse than the mild downsides of Kybella is not enjoying the benefits of it and instead of being stuck longer with a chin that they are unhappy with that makeup just can’t hide no matter how much you throw at it.


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