Considering getting a thread lift but don’t know a lot about this modern treatment? Well read on, and perhaps some of these common questions asked by people considering thread lift treatments will help you learn a little bit more, and find out why this is one treatment that is rapidly growing in popularity.

Does a Thread Lift Work?

Many people have some facial skin laxity as they get older, but often it’s not enough to be worthy of undergoing a facelift procedure or at least not yet. If you can pull on the skin of your cheeks without the excess skin covering up your ears, then it’s likely you may very well be a suitable candidate for a thread lift and someone that can expect to get quite good results. This is a very effective and practical treatment option for those a little frustrated about wanting a lift, but not wanting to have a surgical procedure to get a facelift. The average age of people seeking thread lifts is between thirty and sixty, but to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment book a consultation with an experienced practitioner at performing thread lifts and find out more about thread lifts and if they might be a good fit for your needs.

Does a Thread Lift Hurt?

Many people find the most painful part of having a thread lift treatment is having the local anaesthetic applied to the sites which the threads are going to be applied. After the local has taken effect, the face is quite numb, and you should feel very little throughout the application of the threads. This treatment is one that often surprises people having it for the first time with how low intensity the actual treatment is on the patient, you can simply relax, and the treatment will be over as soon as you know it.

How Long Does a Thread Lift Last?

How long your results last can depend on the type of thread used, but on average, you are likely to experience results for 1-2 years, and some ongoing improvement after the threads have dissolved. Taking only thirty minutes on average to perform, this makes it an excellent treatment for those short on time and want a treatment that is long-lasting to avoid having to go into a clinic for top-up treatments regularly.

Can I Go Back to Work After a Thread Lift?

After your thread lift has been completed, you will still be a little numb for a couple of hours. After the numbing passes, you are likely to experience some tolerable discomfort primarily due to having needles under your skin while you were numb, this pain is the type of pain that most people can manage simply with some paracetamol. Most people can go back to their regular routines provided they take some minor precautions until their threads have sufficiently set in place. Ask your practitioner what to try to avoid; a typical example is avoiding broad mouth movements like biting into an apple or not laying on your face temporarily. Compared to recovering from a facelift, most people find the recovery from thread lifts a breeze.

Does a Thread Lift Leave Lasting Results?

After your thread lift sutures have dissolved, you are left with an increase in collagen in the areas the threads were placed. This response by the body helps provide a lasting improvement long after the threads have been absorbed. This is one of the many reasons people are commonly opting to choose a semi-permanent procedure over a facelift.

Learn More About Thread Lifts in Melbourne

If you still want to learn more about thread lifts or what they may be able to help you acheive aesthetically, if you’re in Melbourne Skin Club is at your disposal. Their skilled Cosmetic Doctors hold a wealth of knowledge and are able to help work with you to develop a plan to reach your beauty goals that are best suited to helping you acheive optimal outcomes. Book a consultation free of obligations and discover the difference the attention to detail and a personalized touch along with their exceptional experience can make to your cosmetic treatments.

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