Lip fillers seem to be everywhere in Melbourne at the moment, not that you’d necessarily notice it while you’re out and about, thanks to their ability to provide a look of natural lip enhancement that can slip past even the most discerning eye when done well. Meanwhile, cosmetic clinics are packed with people looking for lip enhancement without surgery in Melbourne. There’s plenty of benefits to opting for non-surgical lip fillers, below are just ten reasons.

Lip Fillers are Fast Treatments to Receive

Compared to many more invasive cosmetic treatments, lip fillers are very quick to apply when performed by a skilled practitioner. When you are receiving your fillers from an experienced Cosmetic Doctor, the average treatment time is only 15 minutes, depending largely on the amount of filler you are having applied. This makes it a great treatment to fit into an early afternoon off work or even a lunch break if you live close enough to your clinic.

Subtle Results

Lip fillers Treatment are extremely versatile, but they really excel at their ability to produce a natural-looking enhancement when just the right amount is used, especially if you have genetically thin lips or your lips have thinned with ageing.

Get a More Dramatic Pout

Just because this treatment is impressive at producing natural and more subtle looking results doesn’t mean it can’t produce a real stand-out pout either. When it comes to lip fillers, you can acheive quite a lot, depending on what suits your look, the original state of your lips, and what you are looking to acheive. If you are craving lips that will definitely catch a few eyes, lip fillers are a great choice.

Lip Fillers Feel Natural

There are certain areas of the body that often it’s a priority to not just look good but feel good too, for a lot of people lips are one of them. Parts of your body that are involved in more intimate encounters are something that if they don’t feel as good as they look can be a letdown. When it comes to high-quality dermal fillers, this is something that can be easily acheived, so you don’t have to worry about any close encounters getting awkward with anything feeling fake.

Reversing Lip Fillers

While not all fillers can be reversed, the most common type used these days is made from a compound found naturally occurring in the human body, this compound is dissolvable and rapidly broken down and absorbed by the body when it is met with a specific injectable enzyme. So if the results aren’t quite the look you were going for, in a lot of cases, this will be an option for you. If this is something you are concerned about, speak to your injector and ask if your filler is reversible.

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive

Something becoming more and more common is people opting for non-surgical alternatives when it comes to their cosmetic enhancements. When it comes to lip fillers, there is no cutting, stitches or anything else too invasive. You can also avoid going under anaesthesia something that can be quite frightening to a lot of people.

No Downtime

Lip fillers aren’t just quick to perform they are quick to recover from as well, with essentially no real downtime for most people they can go straight back to their normal routine without having to take time off work or lose a few days to a more intensive recovery from a surgical procedure.

Immediate Results

While lip fillers settle over a few days, and any minor swelling you may have experienced will typically dissipate as well quite quickly leading to more refined and finished results. You will none the less come out of your treatment will fuller and more luscious lips without any wait time. If you have an important social or work event coming up soon, you’ve been putting off preparing for aesthetically, you may find fillers are the solution to your procrastination.


For everyone ageing is something that affects us all aesthetically, even those lucky few who seem to age well, there are things that tend to crop up like lip thinning. Thinning lips can make you look much older; this is easily addressed with a precise lip filler treatment, rejuvenating your lips and having you looking more youthful.


While they aren’t permanent, for a treatment that takes on average of 15 minutes to perform, they are impressively long-lasting. Depending on the specific product used and other factors such as how quickly you absorb and breakdown the filler, they can last for between 6 – 18 months. At Skin Club in Melbourne, they use only the finest lip fillers that are applied by experienced Cosmetic Doctors, for lasting results that look gsreat book an obligation-free consultation today.

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