Social media is filled with seemingly immaculate faces, and while some of this is thanks to filters and a little Photoshop or FaceTune touch-up. Often this can be attributed to non-surgical treatments that are growing in popularity like the non-surgical facelift that can be acheived with a thread lift. If you find yourself wondering how people can suddenly look better overnight without being wrapped in bandages or disappearing for extended amounts of time, the answer is often non-surgical cosmetic treatments like thread lifts, fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections.

Why are Non-Surgical Treatments So Attractive to Influencers

Having surgery is a big commitment, not just in regards to the potential permanent changes to your face but your time for not only the procedure but the recovery process can be quite intensive as well. However, for social media influencers, regular posting can be incredibly valuable, and it’s far easier to prepare a few days of posts in advance than a few weeks and potentially struggle during recovery to interact with your followers and your other day to day tasks. Choosing to have non-surgical alternative treatments for facelifts (rhytidectomy) and others can help you often get the results you seek with far less downtime and have you back in picture-perfect shape far quicker.

Flexibility is King

When you are dealing with your aesthetic as our preferences change, and our look changes merely through ageing often our needs change as well. If you have surgical treatments, you can severely impair your flexibility going forward. If you are worried that you may not be entirely satisfied with the outcome, cosmetic surgery will often be a less than ideal choice, especially if there’s a non-surgical or less invasive alternative option. You can far easier have the result of a thread lift adjusted or increased than you can a facelift, for example, fillers are another excellent example of a treatment that offers incredible flexibility with a common type of filler even being dissolvable as well providing a safety net if you have any concerns about the results. Think back ten years and you probably had an entirely different style and even your face was at least somewhat different in tone and other variables, imagine now where you might be in ten more years, this is why flexibility is not just important to a lot of people but an essential part of why they choose thread lifts and other more flexible treatment options for their aesthetic needs.

Thread Lifts for a Swift Lift That Lasts

While a lot of people don’t initially have much interest in semi-permanent treatments, this often changes when they learn a little more about them. Many people think that just because something isn’t permanent, they will end up essentially living in the clinic to get the results they want. Thread lifts are quite long-lasting making this of little concern if you can spare half an hour every year or two, then this isn’t something that should put you off considering a thread lift for your next cosmetic enhancement or rejuvenation.

Quick Recovery With Minimal Concerns

While every cosmetic treatment has a possibility of a negative or adverse outcome, a thread lift treatment is quite good at providing people with impressive results while being a considerably safe treatment option. There are risks like infection and other things to consider so always be fully informed and discuss these with your practitioner, however, for most people the recovery from a thread lift is very minimal and results in only minor inconvenience and some mild discomfort that doesn’t last long for a lot of people. Often people can carefully slip straight back into their life while following some basic considerations given to them by their practitioner; this is not a treatment that is often associated with downtime of any significance.

Non-Surgical Treatments Aren’t Only for Influencers in Melbourne

Skin Club in Melbourne provides the most exceptional cosmetic treatments for everyone, all ages and genders are welcome. If you are wanting to reach your dream aesthetic without losing time to extensive recovery periods and downtime, Skin Club can help. Adept at providing a wide range of modern non-surgical treatments their Cosmetic Doctors can help you develop the perfect treatment plan for your situation. Book a consultation and discover what the social media influencers already know.

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