If you’ve been lurking social media lately, you have likely wondered how even those celebrities and social media influencers that are getting on a little in age maintain a tight well lifted face, yet don’t seem to take time off for surgical enhancements. The secret many modern influencers use for maintaining a tight look without getting a facelift is a procedure that is far less invasive and requires little to no downtime.

Don’t You Need to Have Cosmetic Surgery to Get Results?

Many people who haven’t looked into their options are often under the impression that to get adequate results you will need to have surgical treatments and that anything else is only suitable for minor concerns. These days, thanks to advancements in cosmetic treatments and more variety of high-quality treatments, you can do a lot without having to go under the knife, including tighten, tone, and lift your face. This is one myth that is really being thrown out the window more and more every day as the interest in non-surgical treatments is growing at a seemingly ever-increasing rate.

Why Are People Looking for a Non-Surgical Facelift?

Like many aesthetic concerns these days, there is a huge trend that is growing where people are looking first towards non-surgical and less invasive treatments that can acheive their goal outcomes. There’s a variety of common reasons for this, including significantly reduced if any downtime, faster procedures, being able to avoid general anaesthesia, and more. When it comes to having a non-surgical facelift, this is something that ticks a lot of those boxes. You can have your treatment performed in around half an hour, and with little to no downtime typically associated be back into your routine very quickly.

What is this Treatment Anyway?

The treatment that is being used by many to avoid having a rhytidectomy is a thread lift, with high-quality threads like the fantastic Silhouette Soft now available it’s all the more attractive option than ever before. Using dissolvable sutures that are placed under the skin but above the muscle, a lift is attained, and then the threads are positioned to help provide support and maintain the adjustment. Lasting between 1-2 years and able to have more threads applied if desired makes this a flexible and quite long-lasting treatment option for those that aren’t ready to commit to a facelift and don’t have a large amount of loose skin.

Combining Thread Lifts with Fillers

Often people looking for a lift could also do with a little added volume as well. As we age, we all start to lose volume and elasticity in our face, especially in areas like the lips, and issues like thin lips and hollow cheeks are where fillers shine. Both fillers and thread lifts can be combined as part of a very effective rejuvenation plan that can address two issues while using both of these efficient and fast non-surgical treatments to their strengths. Another common non-surgical treatment that is sometimes combined with thread lifts as part of a more well-rounded plan is anti-wrinkle injections, one of the most popular injectables in the world for a good reason relaxing specific muscle groups can assist with allowing other muscles to pick up the slack far more effectively. If you are looking for a broader enhancement or rejuvenation work with your practitioner to develop a suitable treatment plan that can address all your primary concerns. For many people, they can tackle all their cosmetic worries without having to deal with surgery at all these days.

Get Discrete Cosmetic Enhancement in Melbourne

If you are like many people you may prefer people didn’t know when you get “work done”. Thanks to modern cosmetic treatments, you can often receive impressive natural-looking results without any significant downtime or apparent visual signs usually associated with surgical procedures. At Skin Club in Melbourne, they understand how important discretion is to many of their patients so treat every person that comes in with the professionalism and privacy they deserve. Book a consultation and find out how you can reach your beauty goals with treatments that are best suited to your circumstances and the current state and form of your face.

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