The lips come in different shapes and sizes; some are naturally plump, others were born with thin lips. As more people seek to redefine their lips, lip enhancement has become popular throughout the years. 


Beauty is all about the facial symmetry and balance. Not all trained professionals have artistic eyes and meticulous techniques in performing the treatment. It is still an important goal to have the lips harmonize along with the other facial features. Teosyal Kiss is the perfect dermal filler for women who wants to restore volume on their lips or enhance the flat lips to reinvent a younger appealing smile.


The lips are an essential element of symmetry and aesthetics of the face. The lips should be vertically aligned to each pupil. The distance of the upper lip should be 18 to 20 mm from the nose and the lower lip should be 38 to 40 mm from the chin. To put together a natural and youthful look, the lips should not extend beyond an imaginary line between the nose and the chin. The upper lip should not be as full as the bottom lip as it will result to “Duck Lips”. Fine lines manifest around the lips or the “perioral radial rhytids” and corners of the lips droop due to ageing. Dermal fillers lifts the lips up and makes the skin tighter reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

Our doctor, Dr. Vihang Sharma, is one of Melbourne’s finest cosmetic doctors. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, only our cosmetic doctor administers the procedure. 

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