The Most Common & Uncommon Uses of Dermal Fillers in Melbourne

The worldwide trend for anti-aging facial treatments is partially fueled by the constant growth of effective, safe and effective facial filler choices. There non-surgical injectable products are used to rejuvenate a patients appearance through smoothing or wrinkles, filling hollows, plumping lips and much more. Both women and men are demanding more cosmetic treatment options to regain their youthful look or enhance it without drastic surgical options. Dermal fillers in Melbourne account for a large part of the non-surgical aesthetic market. Botox and other neuromodulators used for the decrease of furrows and lines are also popular. With many people jumping on board this cosmetic trend, why does there remain so many myths and mystery about what fillers really are and what can be acheived with them? Below is a list of some common and lesser known uses for dermal filler treatments in Melbourne and around the world. You may be surprised by all the possibilities and discover something that excites you that you weren’t aware could be a solution to a problem you’ve been finding frustrating.

Where can injectable fillers be used?

More than ever people from all over the world are looking to maintain a youthful appearance than ever. People are working longer, dating later and every year it seems the retirement age is pushed back a little more. The social issues that can be faced by aging facial skin are unfortunate but none the less a reality. It doesn’t matter how vibrant or enthusiastic you feel about life the biological changes we undergo are inevitable. As we age, the skin naturally begins to lose a little collagen and in turn elasticity each year that passes starting around thirty. One of the driving forces behind the growing injectables market is that people in their middle age have more tools to take control of their appearance without needing to resort to surgical alternatives. Dermal filler treatments bring instant results and when high-quality fillers are used well can appear to reduce how old someone appears drastically. You may be unsure about the safety of introducing chemicals into your face, which is of course a rational concern to have unless you know more about them. However, today’s soft tissue fillers are primarily based on hyaluronic acid (HA) which is already a naturally occurring substance found in many areas of the body from the skin to even the brain. As the years pass by and the loss of collagen increases natural HA production also diminishes and that’s bad news for trying to maintain healthy, wrinkle-free and hydrated skin. HA is hydrophilic by nature which means it draws moisture to it and holds it, meaning it plays a critical role in the vitality and health of body tissue. HA is processed for injection and converted to various consistencies of gels for different circumstances and applications then marketed under many different brand names under even more products.

Differences Between Types of HA Filler and Which Treatment Might Be Right for You?

The differences between types of HA filler may be subtle in some cases, but often they are precisely formulated for different use cases because of their varied thickness and cohesivity (how well they hold together). HA dermal fillers are temporary but depending on which product is used can last anywhere from six months to two years. Your Cosmetic Doctor will be able to personalize a plan with you and discuss your specific goals and options in order to find the ideal treatment option for you that will have you with a fantastic looking outcome. A significant benefit of HA fillers is that they can be dissolved with an injection of hyaluronidase in the treated area almost instantly. This easy injection will naturally break down and reverse the results of a HA filler treatment if the client is unsatisfied with their resulting look. Not many cosmetic procedures give you this option, and it’s one of the primary reasons so many people are getting more comfortable with seeking out dermal filler treatments and trying them.

Are You Aware Dermal Fillers Are Not the Same as Botox

Quite often people assume that dermal fillers are the same as Anti wrinkle Injections treatments and use the terms interchangeably, but the reasons for using them and the results of these products are mostly quite different. Think of dermal fillers as more of a sculpt, build, add volume and hydrate type of product. This treatment is perfect for adding volume to the lips and dealing with common problems such as smoker’s lines or runner’s face to name just a few.

What Are Some of the Amazing Ways Dermal Fillers Can Be Used?

Cheek Augmentation

Fillers used in this way can be used to create an excellent foundation to either reduce or repair flattening or sagging in this area in midlife. Also great for people who genetically have more hollow cheeks or those suffering from things such as runner’s face. Dermal fillers used on the cheeks can deliver a much younger appearance and enhance or bring back a youthful looking volume and smoothness.


Lips generally become thinner as people age. This is a frequently treated issue for older clients seeking dermal fillers. But this isn’t exclusive to older patients looking for rejuvenation instead it’s booming with young people too as many are craving that full, luscious, voluminous pout. In your 20s and beyond no matter your age range just about everyone can benefit from softer and more hydrated looking lips. Some fillers are best suited to add volume or structure whereas others can be ideal to reduce the visibility of fine lines around the lips and mouth, book a professional consultation at Skin Club in Melbourne or a highly rated Cosmetic Doctors Clinic in your area for more information on what may be best for you.

Under eyes

This area is sometimes referred to as the tear trough. It’s the hollow area below both eyes that can intensify the visibility of puffy eye bags caused by the indent underneath where fat and moisture levels have decreased and left a more hollow area. Hollows under the eyes make just about anyone look tired and older than they really are. A well selected HA filler and application by an experienced and qualified Cosmetic doctor can fill this area in a way that still leaves it moving naturally and feeling soft.


Jawline and Chin

Chin augmentation and shaping of the jawline can now be acheived with amazing results even without surgery. Highly cohesive and thicker filler products are placed along the jawline and chin region to add volume, structure or even make a face look slimmer depending on what the desired look is. For men, this could mean a more typically masculine look with a chiseled jaw or a softer perhaps more balanced look someone else may be after. Don’t underestimate the aesthetic changes that can be made by working on this area of the face.

Scar treatment

For several years now Cosmetic Doctors have been using HA fillers to reduce the look of indented scars. Everything from cleft lip, skin depressions from injuries to acne scars are potentially great candidates for this kind of procedure. Adding just the right amount of volume with accuracy can have impressive and dramatic results for these kinds of issues. An added bonus for conditions like these is that hyaluronic acid injections is that it helps improve hydration and collagen production in the areas it is injected and ongoing treatment can potentially create more lasting effects in this regard.

Hand Rejuvenation

The back of the hands are a prime area to see signs of aging as there isn’t much fatty tissue in this area in many people, making it a giveaway for many people of their older age. Dermal fillers can plump up this area and assist in smoothing out the tissue around your tendons and bones so they hide under the hydrated, youthful looking skin as they used to. This is an important place to consider having treated when your goal is an overall reduced appearance of aging that is sometimes overlooked.

Microneedling and Surface Injection

Many Cosmetic Doctors are starting to use HA as a skin booster for facial treatments as well using micro-doses of hyaluronic acid over larger areas. These type of applications can assist with an overall radiant look and stimulate collagen and elastin production for a broad improvement in tone and texture of the skin.

Non-surgical nose job

In Melbourne, dermal filler treatments are increasing in popularity as an alternative to surgical nose jobs. This far less invasive alternative involves no scalpels or stitches but can still deliver amazing and fine-tuned results. A common problem solved using HA fillers includes straightening a crooked nose. There’s so much more though such as reducing the look of a droopy tip or lightly filling around a raised area to balance it out. When it comes to mild issues and nose imperfections in many situations HA could be the best choice. However, fillers cannot decrease the size of someone’s nose or correct any associated breathing issues so like most things it’s not a one type fits all treatment. If you are curious if dermal fillers might be an excellent choice for your aesthetic nose problems (or anything else mentioned) consider booking a consultation with Skin Club in Melbourne and discuss your circumstances and goals with our expert Cosmetic Doctors. Contact us on (03) 9999 7368 to schedule your no obligation consultation.

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