There’s a number of benefits of receiving a thread lift procedure over alternatives for a facial lift. If you are on the fence and wondering if a thread lift might be a good treatment choice for you to pursue it will often come down to specific things that you prioritise. Everyone has different circumstances, and everything from budget to available free time is things that can affect the decision about which treatment is best suited to your particular needs.

Thread Lifts are Quick to Perform

When you have a thread lift, it will typically only take around half an hour to have performed, making this treatment one that is very light on time requirements. When you take into account the results that can be acheived being quite impressive, the amount of time taken to perform this procedure is quite impressive. If you’ve been using the excuse “I don’t have the time” for a while now while really wanting to deal with gravity starting to take hold of your once youthful look, there’s certainly no reason to put off looking into having a thread lift, especially if this is your primary concern.

Thread Lifts Can Leave Lasting Results

While not a permanent solution a thread lift will often maintain good results for one to two years. Interestingly though is even after the threads have dissolved and been absorbed by the body, what remains is new collagen in the areas where the threads were placed. This new collagen in the areas of concern where the threads were located can leave a lasting improvement in the quality of the skin, that can linger long after the threads are gone even if you never decide to have a thread lift again. When you consider the treatment can be performed so swiftly as well, it’s pretty fantastic that it can last this long as it is.

Thread Lift Downtime

Recovery from a thread lift is something that is surprising to many people unfamiliar with the treatment. Typically consisting of some minor swelling, redness, and tightness, many people go about their usual business with minimal issues after they’ve had their treatment. Often the same day albeit with a little tenderness and some care. This lack of downtime and reasonable recovery process is something you are unable to get with a rhytidectomy (facelift surgery), as the procedure is far more intensive and in turn so is the recovery process as well. If you can’t spare much or any time off work, this is quite possibly one of the most convenient treatments for those looking for a more lifted look.

What Makes Me Suitable for a Thread Lift?

If you don’t have a lot of excess skin, there’s a good chance you would make a suitable candidate for a thread lift procedure. The most common ages that people seek out thread lift treatments are between 30-60 as this treatment is quite flexible and useful for people with various aesthetic concerns from enhancement to rejuvenation shown by the wide range of ages seeking out these treatments. If you are wondering if you are a suitable candidate for a thread lift the best thing you can do is to book an appointment with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor that is experienced in performing these treatments and have a consultation and discuss your options and if this is a good course of action to address your cosmetic concerns.

Getting a Thread Lift Quick in Melbourne

While it’s never a good idea to seek out a treatment based on speed, it is important that you seek out a skilled practitioner that is experienced providing thread lift treatments. Thread lift treatments are an impressively fast treatment to perform that don’t compromise the outcomes when performed by someone that is adept at performing these treatments. When many people think thread lifts in Melbourne, they immediately think Skin Club due to their consistently growing reputation for being a fantastic choice for your cosmetic needs thanks to their attention to detail and impressively experienced Cosmetic Doctors among other things. Book a consultation and find out how efficiently you can take care of your aesthetic needs and reach your beauty goals without unnecessary downtime that can come with invasive or surgical treatment options.

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