The Liposuction Journey Step by Step


Liposuction can be a little stressful the first time you are having it, while a lot of this is the fear of a new experience you can help reduce your anxiety by doing your best to have everything organised and ready. Having a general outline of the journey you are going to face will not be a blueprint for your experience by any means, but it can be an excellent way to help think of things you may have forgotten to plan for and arrange.

Think About What You Want from Liposuction

Deciding to have cosmetic surgery can be a big thing for many people, and understandably so. However, often the results that can be acheived from a well-considered plan can be well worth it. To get the most out of liposuction have a hard think about what it is you want to acheive. While your doctor can offer great advice, we all have our personal preferences. What your doctor may suggest could very well not line up with what you would have picked, so going into this without much consideration can result in you not dealing with the things that you deem the most important, and avoid wasting time and money on what you don’t.

Research Liposuction Providers

Finding the best place to have liposuction is a part of your journey you shouldn’t skip over, and one that plays a bit part in the inherent quality of outcomes you can acheive. While liposuction is an impressive tool, like any useful tool, it requires a skilled and experienced person to use them well. If you shop purely on the price of cosmetic surgery, you will often find you get the cheapest cosmetic surgery. However, you also may find out that there have been corners cut elsewhere; one of the worst can be the experience of the doctor performing the procedure. Liposuction before and after pictures are a great way to find out the quality of work a particular doctor or clinic is performing. You can often find examples of work on social media. Checking liposuction reviews and even the comments on their social media can be a good way to get an idea of the feedback they are getting just beware of getting too hung up on individual comments as there’s a range of potential bias there. Finding the best liposuction clinic near you can be a matter of combining several approaches and using all the information at your disposal to form an opinion.

Having a Liposuction Consultation

Having a consultation might feel like a big step, but the reality is that it’s not. It’s crucial absolutely, but there’s no reason you have to go forward with anything just because you’re having a consultation. The consultation is an integral part of the journey, and one to take seriously as well. The consultation is the perfect time for you not just to learn and discuss your goals, but for your doctor to find out things they need to know about you. An important thing to remember during a consultation is to be as open as you can in regards to your medical history and any medications you are taking. Anything you are asked during your consultation regarding your medical history is for a good reason and helps your doctor assess any potential risks that may be increased due to your current state of health or other factors. During your consultation, you will be able to find out if you are a good candidate, if your goals are achievable with liposuction, liposuction cost, and thoroughly discuss the risks involved. Being fully informed is always essential, so be sure to pay attention and weigh the potential risks involved against the potential rewards. The consultation process can be a fantastic time to discuss alternatives as well, as sometimes you may find that you can acheive your goals with a less invasive treatment option.

Actually Having the Procedure

When you have your procedure, you will be put under general anaesthesia in some cases. Still, for many people, they can have their work performed under local anaesthetic which reduces some of the potential risks associated with going under, as well as the grogginess and other things that can occur after receiving general anaesthesia. Depending on the type of liposuction you are having (for example Vaser liposuction) there may be some added steps. Typically though, you will have an incision or several (depending on the specific work you are having done) from which the fat will be removed. While this may sound scary, it’s a very common procedure, and one of the reasons it’s so well known is it’s considered overall quite an extremely effective but also safe procedure.

Recovering from Liposuction

After you have had your procedure, it’s time for some quality rest and recovery. During this time, you should try and have minimal responsibilities. Taking care of anything that may come up during your recovery before your procedure can be very helpful to avoid you doing too much too soon. Fretting about things you need to take care of can be a stressful distraction that you just don’t need during this time. If you can arrange for someone to help during the early stages of your recovery, it can be amazingly useful to take some of the pressure off. If you can arrange for some help from a family member, partner, or friend, you’ll likely be very glad you did. Ensuring you have enough time off to recover and your finances are in order is important too, the less stress during this time the better. If you have any appointments coming up, try and have them shifted to before or a suitable time after your treatment, remembering these at the last minute can be very inconvenient, especially if they are essential. Try and make the most of your recovery; it can be a great time to catch up on books and or your favourite shows.

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