Lip filler treatment is the non-surgical trend that has taken the world by storm. For more than 2 decades ago, surgical treatments were the craze that were made available for the rich and famous. Luckily, this trend has shifted to more patients wanting a more subtle and natural likeness that is available and affordable to everyone. 


The loss of volume in our lips is part of our aging process along with the tiny lines around it. Lip fillers plumps the lips and creating a fuller lip to make the face look younger. Most women spend thousands of dollars every year to have their lips augmented and acheive the “Angelina Jolie lips”. 

Fillers lasts up to a year from a medical standpoint. Teosyal products creates smoother and more natural looking volume without any bumps on the lips. If you think you are a good candidate to plump up your lips, trust only an expert. q


The definition of “full lips”, like with all aesthetic trends, are subject to change. But, the best way to describe it is the “Angelina Jolie lips” which has a natural voluptuous pout. 

Choose only a professional cosmetic doctor to perform your lip enhancement so you don’t end up with the “duck look”! Dr. Vihang Sharma, is not only a certified facial cosmetic doctor; he has also been known as doctor with an art of injecting properly. Knowledge and artistry in lip enhancement produces optimum results and harmoniously balance with other facial features. 

Lip augmentation is safe, quick, painless, and affordable method to acheive voluptuous lips. If you are considering lip fillers and want to learn more, please contact our clinic to book in for a complimentary consultation. 

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