Excessive sweating comes in various forms, and there are a wide variety of causes. If you are investigating if you perhaps have a problem with excessive sweating you may have a lot of questions when you see the different terms used, and wonder what the differences are, as well as what can be done to deal with this widespread problem.

Symptoms of Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis

Primary focal hyperhidrosis refers to the type of excessive sweating that is not a result of another medical condition or secondary factors such as the side effects of medication. The focal portion of the name refers to this type of problem typically being confined to specific areas of concern, focal areas to be more specific. The most common areas that are problematic for people dealing with this issue are the hands, feet, underarms, and face. Which of these that are problematic or how many can vary from person to person. However, the sweating is usually symmetrical, affecting both sides of the body and matching areas equally. Usually, this form of hyperhidrosis begins during adolescence, rather than later in life as is more common with the other main type of hyperhidrosis.

Symptoms of Secondary Generalised Hyperhidrosis

This type of excessive sweating is one that can be quite dangerous in some cases if not addressed. Secondary generalised hyperhidrosis is caused by things like illness, infections, diseases, medication side effects, diabetes, the list goes on. While sweating excessively is a problem in itself, it’s also a significant problem if another serious medical condition is causing you to sweat too much that is going unnoticed and untreated. Something that often separates this from the primary focal type is that people with secondary generalised are more likely to experience night sweating, whereas those with primary focal typically don’t. At any point in your life you may find yourself dealing with this condition, it can be triggered by so many different things, it can come out of nowhere sometimes and be quite a surprise. Menopause and pregnancy symptoms that can affect some people and are causing them to sweat profusely fall into this category.

What Can I Do to Sweat Less Naturally?

While natural treatments for hyperhidrosis are hit and miss, as are natural remedies for most conditions. There are some natural and practical things you can do to help reduce how much you sweat. Some people sweat due to their diet, and this can be for several reasons, some primary causes are due to vitamin or mineral deficiencies causing issues or obesity. Ensuring you keep up your water intake not only helps keep your body cool but also helps keep your body running normally. If you are sweating excessively you are also likely losing a lot of fluids from that as well you need to make up for with extra fluid intake. Hygiene is something you should try and keep good habits with when you are sweating excessively, and it promotes bacterial and fungal growth leading to further issues.

Complications of the Two Types of Hyperhidrosis

When you sweat a lot, this is something that can lead to excessive bacterial growth due to the moist warm environment this creates. This bacteria leads very commonly to a significant increase in body odour and can result in increased risk and prevalence of skin infections and fungal infections. Rashes are also common, including things like jock itch in the pelvic region.

What to Do if You Think You Have Hyperhidrosis?

If you think perhaps you may have an issue with excessive sweating, it’s vital to seek experienced professional advice as your increased level of sweat may be a symptom of another more serious problem. If you are in Melbourne, the highly regarded Skin Club clinic is an excellent choice for excessive sweating treatments near you. If you are wondering if the amount you are sweating is reasonable, and it’s starting to affect your life, chances are quite high that it’s not and help is available. Book an obligation-Consultation with Skin Club today and find out how you might be able to get back on track with enjoying your life to the fullest without worrying about embarrassing perspiration issues.

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