In recent years lip fillers have become vastly more popular as more and more celebrities were showing off their newly fuller luscious lips and of course, this led to Instagram quickly beginning to overflow with over-the-top pouts. When this trend initially surged there was often a focus on more size, but things have since settled as the trend matured a little, many people now looking for and preferring the look of more natural enhancements that are far more flexible no matter what age bracket or style choice someone prefers.

Even though the style has changed after it initially boomed it looks like this non-surgical cosmetic enhancement isn’t going away and will be in demand for many years to come. The city of Melbourne has a large amount of fashion-focused members of the community. So there are many cosmetic surgery clinics in the area that offer lip fillers, giving plentiful options and product choice which may make choosing not just the best products but also cosmetic doctor to do the procedure in the way that best suits your goals seem overwhelming.

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Hydrated and Plump: 

Around midlife, your body naturally slows down its production of HA starting at around age 30 making it harder over time to keep your skin hydrated and plump looking. Also, each year after around the age of 30 elastin and collagen levels in our facial tissue diminish and this results in most of us with less volume in our cheeks and thinner looking lips as we age. Injectable fillers do wonders for restoring a youthful lushness and plump facial shape. A suitably skilled cosmetic doctor can rejuvenate facial features and will know the best products for your situation and each facial region and will offer a variety of choices to sculpt, plump or replenish areas as the patient desires.

The SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors clinic in Melbourne only provides the leading products used by qualified doctors not nurses or clinicians, ensuring you receive not just the highest quality of products but skilled professionals to do the work. If you have your treatment done by a well experienced and qualified professional the risks associated with HA fillers are extremely low and results are instant. Very few procedures can change your appearance as quickly and effectively making it a low risk, convenient and effective treatment for those seeking lip and face rejuvenation or enhancement.

How Long Will My Lip Filler Result last?

Effects will generally last between 6 months to 2 years, depending on the type of products used and the metabolism of the HA by the patient. Because the lips are frequently mobile, however, that region of the face tends to absorb and metabolize the filler material faster than other facial areas such as under the eyes or cheeks. There are many motivations for choosing any cosmetic procedure or treatment, and these are as varied and individual as people can be. When it comes to lip enhancement there are two primary motivations for seeking this kind of augmentation and enhancement in many cases, aging casing lips naturally to thin over time and to restore volume and a youthful appearance to their lips. The other common motivation is many people have naturally thin lips simply due to their specific mix of genetics and have a desire for a what they may consider a more feminine, pouty and youthful appearance to what they currently have while avoiding more permanent and dramatic procedures.



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