A “runner’s face” is when a runner’s body is fit and young-looking but the face is hollow or skeletal-looking. This happens to most men and women in their 40s and up who exercise regularly. The reason being is that exercise burns fat layers that results to an overall loss of volume in the face. There is no cure for a runner’s face, however, dermal fillers can rejuvenate it.


Teosyal Ultimate is an intense and long lasting  dermal filler that is perfect for restoring lost volume and filling wrinkles for a runner’s face. It is the ideal product for face remodelling in areas such as cheeks, marionette lines, nose, eyebrows, chin, and mandibular line.

Unlike the other Teosyal products, Teosyal Ultimate is injected deep into the subdermal skin to get the most dramatic results. The treatment takes around an hour and effects are instant. It has no downtime making it a quick fix for runner’s face. The duration of the treatment can last up to 12 months, even up to 18 months! 

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