Unfortunately, wrinkles are a part of the natural aging process. As we age, many turn to cosmetic procedures to reduce the appearance of the lines and creases on our face. HA (HA) fillers are popularly effective to alleviate wrinkles, bring back volume and define facial features. 


Teosyal by Teoxane laboratories is a Switzerland dermal filler popularly used for the treatment of facial issues. It is made up of hyaluronic acid with a long lasting effect in maintaining or restoring the HA found in the skin. 

What is hyaluronic acid? 

HA (HA) or hyaluronan, is a natural substance found in skin, cartilage, eyes and other connective tissues. The main function of HA in our body to retain water for moisture and lubrication. As we grow older, HA and collagen decreases that leads to dryness of the skin, thinning lips, hollows under eyes, wrinkles, and sagging skin.


Another advantage of Teosyal is the ability to add volume and structure to facial areas. The young generation also used dermal fillers as a preventive measure for anti-ageing. Teosyal dermal fillers are temporary treatment only but are long-lasting with a longevity range of up to 1 year. In addition, these fillers are made to have flexibility to match our natural elasticity for one’s facial movement. 

If you are interested in using Teosyal as your dermal fillers, feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vihang Sharma at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors!

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