Should having to take care of pets stop you from getting the cosmetic surgery procedure you’ve always dreamed of? Of course not.


Not everyone might understand why a dog mom or a cat mom would even consider not getting cosmetic surgery because of their pets, but it’s a real concern.


We all know that involving your family is an important process of getting cosmetic treatments. After all, who else will be there to support us when we’re too tired to cook dinner?


But pets are family, too, and how will they be properly taken care of when their beloved owner can’t do heavy physical activities?


Some operations like liposuction require patients to rest their whole body as part of the post-operation recovery. Others, like getting lip fillers, aren’t as strict, but still need you to rest afterwards.


That means it will take you anywhere from a few weeks to several months before you can go back your usual routine of walking the dog, buying heavy bags of cat food, cleaning the litter box, or giving your pup a shower.


What’s a pet mom to do after their cosmetic surgery? Read on to find out.


Can I keep my pet at home after my surgery?


How much interaction you and your pet should have largely depends on the kind of surgery you received and how well-behaved your pet is.


For major surgeries like liposuction, it’s best to have someone inside the house with you to take care of your pets, especially if they tend to be active or if they need lots of attention and care.


You won’t be able to move easily or react quickly after your surgery, so playing catch, giving baths or training your pups is definitely out of question for the first few months after your operation.


It’s recommended to have some help taking care of your pets. Bring in your partner, best friend, sister or parents because you will be needing all the “me time” you can get.


Your pet doesn’t have to stay out of the house unless they are extremely unruly and pose a threat to your health.


What should I avoid during my first months after surgery?


Again, depending on your surgery, lap dogs and cats may not be able to sit on your lap for a while.


Big dogs might bowl you over or put you in an awkward position, so it’s better if there is someone else to do the bathing and the walking for you.


One good tip is to have someone walk your dog in the morning so your pet is relaxed the rest of the day. Consider dog-walking services if there is no one to walk your dog for you.


Beware of your cats licking or scratching your incision lines, as well.


Of course, the best way to find out what to avoid after surgery is to ask your cosmetic doctors.


Experts will provide you with complete guidelines of what to do before and after a surgery. Pre-operation and post-operation care are just as important in the process as the operation itself!


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