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Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Overseas

10 Risks Of Getting Cosmetic Surgery Overseas Instead Of In Australia

Thousand of Australians go under the knife for cosmetic reasons each year, but an increasing number of patients are opting for getting surgery overseas. A new type of travel agencies are appearing that specialise in planning trips and referring patients to plastic surgeons in their country of destination. Going overseas to get cosmetic surgery can look like an attractive option due to the lower prices. The fact that surgeons charge a lot less for some procedures in other countries and the fact that the conversion rate with the foreign currency often works in favour of Australian tourists. However, there are some major drawbacks to be aware of if you are considering going overseas for cosmetic surgery.

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Stop Bullying Cosmetic Surgery Users

Almost a cultural taboo but society has always viewed cosmetic surgery as a difficult topic to discuss in the open, eventhough as Australians we are actually spending big on cosmetic surgery! As friends, family and passers-by form judgements on the way you look, Cosmetic Doctors and Surgeons have found that this attitude is not helping their patients.

Uncharacteristically the perception of our society being a tolerant and accepting one fades away when it comes to the topic of cosmetic surgery.

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