Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a condition that affects a large number of people; often people may not even realise they have a problem and simply think perhaps they sweat a little more than other people. However, excessive sweating is something that can be problematic in various ways, and there are things you can do about it. If you are curious about hyperhidrosis and wondering if perhaps this is something that is affecting you, it’s useful to know what the symptoms of this problem are and what you can do to treat it potentially.

A Common Problem That Often Starts Early

Hyperhidrosis tends to start for a lot of people during their adolescence, unless it is secondary hyperhidrosis which has a secondary cause (illness, medication side effects, and much more). It is a very common problem people face, while it’s not something you often hear too much about as people often find this an embarrassing topic, it’s estimated around 2-3% of the population has this problem. It’s thought that approximately 7.8 million Americans have hyperhidrosis making it not that rare at all.

Common Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis has many symptoms, these often vary from person to person, so it’s unlikely you will experience all of them, but if you are unsure if you may have a problem with excessive sweating, and you tick a lot of boxes it’s really worth seeking professional advice and assistance.

  • Sweating is disrupting your lifestyle
  • Avoiding physical contact or reluctance
  • Withdrawing socially and avoiding attending events
  • Frequent skin infections in areas that you sweat excessively
  • Avoiding forming intimate relationships or having sex
  • Make life decisions that mean you can avoid people as much as possible
  • Be self-conscious about how much you are sweating or your body odour
  • Have become stressed or anxious about your sweating
  • Spend a lot of time and effort trying to manage your sweating
  • You start to experience night sweats


While far from a complete list, these give you an idea of things you should be aware of and watch out for if you are thinking perhaps your level of perspiration is a problem. Excessive sweating can be extremely detrimental to your life, so avoiding it and trying to pretend it isn’t happening is one of the worst things you can do.

Treating Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating can be a surprisingly complex issue, and a large variety of things can cause it. Illness, menopause, medication side effects, thyroid problems, diabetes, obesity, and a lot more are potential causes, so it’s incredibly important to try and find out what may be causing it for you. Sometimes if you focus on the sweating itself primarily and ignore what could be causing it, you could be hiding a symptom of something far more serious, sometimes even cancer. This is why treating hyperhidrosis properly requires the help of an experienced practitioner to help you work on ruling out any serious issues that may need attention and finding ways to manage excessive sweating that suit your needs and situation. If you have extreme excessive sweating that isn’t responding to treatment, sometimes surgery is considered, but this is usually considered a last resort option and involves either removing sweat glands directly or severing the nerves that stimulate them.

A good option for a lot of people is the use of an injectable treatment for hyperhidrosis, this non-surgical treatment for excessive sweating takes advantage of the powerful mechanism anti-wrinkle injections have for paralysing and relaxing muscles and nerves. This treatment works by having a series of tiny injections that target the nerves the trigger problematic sweat glands, reducing their activity and in turn, your sweating, lasting months as well and taking minutes to perform. There are other options such as medication and prescription deodorants/antiperspirants as well, what will work best depends on your situation and preferences.

If You Have Hyperhidrosis in Melbourne

Thankfully, if you are dealing with excessive sweating in Melbourne, help is available. The experienced staff at Skin Club in Melbourne are adept at dealing with patients requiring assistance with hyperhidrosis and a variety of other aesthetic and cosmetic concerns. Their in-depth consultations provide exemplary attention to detail and are one of the reasons they are the best place to get treated for hyperhidrosis in Melbourne. If you are tired of putting up with damp clothing, smelly shoes, or awkward social engagements caused by your excessive sweating problem, book a consultation today and see how the Cosmetic Doctors at Skin Club can help.

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