Ok ok, as a Cosmetic Physician I do have to admit, laughing may not be the best for your skin, but who cares! Every time I laugh I know I am sending my wrinkles on a forward march, being etched even deeper. But that’s fine; happiness and joy is what life is about, so why fight it?

But now we don’t have to choose between laughter and a wrinkle-free face, thanks to advancements in Cosmetic Medicine and skilled treatments, we can enjoy both the worlds of youthfulness and happiness. There are now a myriad of ways to prevent deepening of wrinkles from forming after smiling and even over expressing (not that there is anything wrong with expressing). With the advent of anti wrinkle injections and powerful yet safer dermal fillers we are winning the war.

Here are a few tips and tricks that I share with many of my clients:

1. Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure:  The Sun is pretty much your skin’s enemy and is the most prominent cause for coarse leathery wrinkly skin cancer laden skin!! Genetics plays a part but the sun acts as a predisposing factor to skin cancers and wrinkles. Clinical studies have proven that the number of wrinkles on a person’s face are inextricably linked with sun exposure at a young and middle age of a person’s life. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. I have had to remove this notion from my clients’ minds that tanning is good for you, knowing that sun exposure causes numerous problems for the skin.

2. Stop Smoking: Its not cool to smoke. Moreover its not cool to break down the collagen in your skin and the elastin, leaving you vulnerable to sagging and wrinkling.

3. Wear Sunscreen: Slip Slop Slap. Its accepted that sunscreen is not the most fashionable look but what would be more depressing than seeing your young face turn old and possibly laden with cancerous spots because you forgot to protect yourself? So wear it every day even when you think the sun is not too harsh or its a cloudy day, because those UVB sun rays are still harming your skin and will get you unsparingly.

4. Use a Moisturizer and a Retinoid cream: Keeping your skin hydrated is another simple way of preventing wrinkles. Retinoid medical grade creams should and can also be used but must come from the safe directions of a doctors prescription. Cosmetic Doctors have a strong understanding of this and know how to dispense this powerful yet beautiful product. Be wise.

By helping you slough off the dead cells of your skin, we can make sure you are putting your best skin out there.

5. Reintroduce Collagen: Although this is not possible with creams, it is the most effective way of keeping the skin fresh and youthful. With Dermal Fillers we are able to replenish the skin’s store of hyaluronic acid and provide the right support to stop wrinkling and sagging from occurring.

6. Medical Grade Skin Peels: The medical grade skin peels are the go with treatments of the skin. Light, medium and deep skin peels are very popular but are best handled by a Cosmetic Doctor. By using a peel we are able to peel away the damaged cells of the skin or even the pigmented/discoloured cells to ensure uniformity is restored with young fresh cells.

Good luck and may the forces of nature not be with you!

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