If you’ve only just heard about this condition, you may be wondering if your level of sweating is severe enough to perhaps fall into this category of excessive sweating. There are a few things that you can look at when trying to decipher if how much you are perspiring is something you should look at having treated or find out what may be causing it. Don’t let worrying about sweating get in the way of you enjoying your socializing and detract from your confidence. When a condition affects your confidence in social situations, it can even be detrimental to not just your job, but your career. If you aren’t feeling your best, it makes it hard to be as outgoing as you need to succeed in a more competitive workplace. It’s easy to underestimate how much hyperhidrosis can cause havoc in a person’s life and stop them from reaching their full potential.

What Parts of the Body Are Affected by Hyperhidrosis

When most people think of excessive sweating, they often think of the armpits, but this isn’t the only area that can be problematic for those dealing with hyperhidrosis. The hands are an area that is also a common area of concern, clamminess and constantly wet feeling hands can be a sign you are dealing with hyperhidrosis. Ever wonder why some people’s shoes just a little too intense and are banished to the exterior of the house the moment they come off, well hyperhidrosis affecting the feet can result in wet soles of the feet that can promote bacteria growth in your shoes.

Complications Caused by Hyperhidrosis

When the body is not performing as normal in some way, it’s not unusual to start to experience some issues as a by-product of this. For those with excessive sweating affecting their feet, nail infections are more common. Bacterial skin infections are also another frequent complaint of those struggling with excessive perspiration, especially in the areas of the body that are commonly affected. If the sweat ducts become blocked, heat rashes can occur, resulting in perspiration getting trapped under the skin. Mental health is a significant factor also to consider, people who sweat excessively are often extremely self-conscious about it. Anxiety and increased stress levels can also increase sweating, and this can result in a problematic cycle and further worry.

Diagnosing Hyperhidrosis

The first step that is usually taken is to look for any possible underlying conditions or other issues that may be causing the hyperhidrosis indirectly. Often this starts with a blood test to look for anything unusual and to help rule out a few things. Your practitioner will also discuss with you where you are sweating and things of this nature. You may be asked to undergo a thermoregulatory sweat test. A thermoregulatory test is where a powder that is sensitive to moisture is applied to any areas of concern, and then the patient is put into a device called a sweat cabinet where they are exposed to heat and humidity to trigger sweating. This test is used to determine the level of hyperhidrosis a patient is experiencing if indeed they are. A common thing that is looked for during this test is sweating of the palms; those who do not sweat excessively often don’t sweat much in this part of the body.

The Best Treatments for Hyperhidrosis in Melbourne

Melbourne has a lot to offer, and when you are faced with a problem like hyperhidrosis, you may not be enjoying its potential to its full extent. If you are finding excessive sweating affecting your life too much, see the experienced Cosmetic Doctors at Skin Club and discuss what may be best suited to treat your hyperhidrosis. Skilled in assessing and advising their patients with sweating problems, they provide a wide range of other cosmetic services as well. Owned and operated by Cosmetic Doctors, they provide the finest treatments that are provided with their extensive experience. Find out what you can do about hyperhidrosis today, and book a consultation with the experienced staff at Skin Club and find out why many people consider them the best clinic in Melbourne for not just excessive sweating, but just about any of your other cosmetic needs.

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