Many people use chin fillers to help them appear more attractive. However, not all of them fully understand what they are getting into when they go through with the Jaw Augmentation Melbourne. It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a bit of injection of a filler can cause such a big reaction. However, there will always be risks, no matter what procedure you get. Unfortunately, some people do not fully understand that until too late. The best thing your doctor can do to combat that chance is to ensure you are well aware of what you are getting into procedure. That’s why we put together this article to show the many potential risks that come with getting this treatment.

Are Filler Injections Safe?

Filler injections are a type of injection into the skin used to fill in areas lacking in volume or have wrinkles. Many people who want to improve the appearance of their skin opt for filler injections to fill in frown lines and hollows around the eyes and lips. However, aside from how effective the procedure is, there are other concerns, namely its safety. However, you should not worry too much about risks if you worry about them. Generally speaking, this procedure is one of the safer ones out there. There is almost no downtime when you use this procedure because it has few side effects, most of them being mild.

One reason for this is that the treatment is an injection. Unlike surgery, this treatment means that there aren’t any significant changes in your body when they give it. Those changes that do happen are gradual over several months, which gives your body the chance to adjust to them. Additionally, since it is noninvasive, it is not as demanding to your body and has no incisions, which leads to some complications.

However, safer doesn’t mean safe. There is still a chance that some side effects can develop, usually due to mistakes during treatment or other issues. If that occurs, catching it in the early stages is key to treating it, as doctors will try to reverse any damage that happens during that time.

Risks of Injections

Allergic Reaction

One of the most common complications that can arise from any medical treatment is the possibility of an allergic reaction. It is not unheard of for someone to be allergic to a component in the treatment. Usually, the part that can cause allergic reactions is the anesthesia if you use it or the filler itself. It may seem weird since the filler encourages natural healing, but the issue is the chemical they use is not necessarily organic, so your body can still be allergic. What makes it worse is that there are far fewer chances of you realizing you have had an allergy until you get treatment as a medical treatment. Generally, though, the chances of an allergy developing are relatively small, and doctors have the training to determine it right away.

If you have an allergy to these things, you can tell with the same signs as an allergic reaction. These symptoms include a stuffy nose, lumps around the treatment area, and hives in the area. It can make breathing difficult at times, but there are some treatments you can do to fix it. Many doctors have trained on dealing with the issue and can even remove the components if they become dangerous.

Nerve Damage

One of the most significant risks when getting Chin Fillers Treatment Melbourne is if your doctor accidentally injects an area they are not supposed to. Some issues can come from damaging your nerves or blood vessels. When it hits a nerve, the procedure can potentially damage it. When it happens, you will notice your chin begins to feel numb and lose some sensation around that area. While some numbness is a relatively common side effect, if it continues to linger, that can be a sign of damage to your nerves. You should contact your doctor right away and have them check it out when that happens. The way you can fix this depends on how bad the damage is. I.n some cases, all you need is a little rest, and the injury will heal itself. On the other hand, some patients require treatment and surgery to fix. Unfortunately, there are also some cases where it is permanent, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Nodules and Bumps

Another common thing during procedures is the sight of lumps around the treatment area. If you see that, don’t panic right away. In most cases, it is just the treatment not settling correctly, usually because your doctors might have too much in one area. You can massage it to help it go down and spread it evenly. However, if it doesn’t happen after all of that, you should start to worry. If the lumps remain, that can be a sign of nodules forming around the area. These are stubborn lumps that do not disappear even after giving it a time or trying to fix it. While not dangerous on their own, the issue is they can have noticeable effects depending on where they are. For example, they can make breathing difficult, cause skin irritation, and problems sleeping.

How doctors treat them all depends on how bad the actual nodules are. In lighter cases, all they will do is observe your condition and monitor it. Some doctors can offer some antibiotics to go down or some other medications. On the other hand, there are some cases where the condition is bad enough to warrant some serious surgery to remove or correct it.

Blood Clots

Aside from nerves, the other significant risk from chin filler Australia is hitting a blood vessel. Something like that happens mainly due to user error as your doctor injects the wrong area and punctures a blood vessel. When that happens, several things can occur. Most optimistically, nothing goes wrong, and it’s simply a glancing blow. On the other hand, the more likely case is that your fillers can end up injecting there. A common occurrence is that these can block your bloodstream in that area. When that happens, a blood clot will form around the treatment area and appear discolored as a result. When this happens, you will notice your skin has a dark patch around it.

However, it is not just your blood that this affects when it happens. Your entire body needs blood and cutting off this one area means you are cutting off all the parts there from blood. Tissue is especially vulnerable since they only get blood from that one area. If they do not get their nutrients and oxygen from that area, they can begin dying in what doctors refer to as tissue necrosis. When necrosis happens, it can make the area darken and turn black. To treat it, doctors will have to remove the fillers from your body.


Although much rarer in this procedure than others, infections are not entirely off the table. In some rare cases, bacteria can somehow get into your body during the treatment. If that does happen, they can fester and collect together into an unhealthy mass. IF this happens to you, you may start to feel feverish and sick after. Some patients can find it challenging to move that area and require special treatment to fix it. In some cases, it may even require antibiotics to fix.

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