We all get older, and along with that comes the signs of ageing. Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you merely have to accept the changes that start to occur with age, such as your lips beginning to thin. Don’t let thinning lips hold you back and have you looking older than you feel, if you are concerned about your lips losing volume, considering lip filler injections could be an ideal solution to your concerns. Get back to enjoying yourself and spending less time looking in the mirror and remembering the “good old days” where your lips were fuller and felt luscious and youthful. Rejuvenating your lips is not out of reach thanks to the results that can be acheived with high-quality lip fillers.

Why Do Lips Get Thinner With Age?

One of the often very noticeable signs of ageing is the thinning of the lips that begin to occur as people get older. Thinning lips is caused by a couple of things primarily, the first a reduction in localized collagen production, collagen is a protein that is vital for healthy youthful-looking skin. The second is genetics can play a factor some people are just naturally more predisposed to getting thinner lips with age, especially if they already start out a little small to begin with as this can visually make the changes appear more dramatic. Collagen production reduces on average between 1-2% per year, as it provides a lot of structure to the skin this is also why fine lines and wrinkles tend to start developing as well around the same time as other signs of ageing intensify.

Fighting Against Lip Thinning with Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

Just because something like a loss of volume, elasticity, and structural support in our skin is inevitable with age, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to fight back these intrusive changes. While often it’s assumed only surgery can provide effective results for problems like thin lips, this is far from accurate and with the availability of modern lip fillers makes this absolutely a myth in the cosmetic clinics of today. You can rejuvenate your lips and restore lip volume while enjoying the benefits of avoiding surgical lip augmentation, such as less downtime (if any), less invasive, no need to go under, no cutting, no stitches, and a swift treatment process.

Will People Be Able to Tell I’ve Had Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers have several strengths, the biggest is their ability to produce natural-looking outcomes and subtle increases in lip size unless of course, you choose to opt for something a little more stand out. When you skim social media or are out somewhere, you likely pass by people very regularly who have received lip fillers, but you would never know it unless they told you. Duck lips from lip fillers are not an optimal outcome; this is often caused by poor filler placement and something that can be avoided by seeking experience when considering where and who to have your lip filler treatments performed.

The Quick Way to Increase Lip Size

Lip fillers are not just extremely effective in the right hands, but they are also incredibly efficient in the speed at which they can be performed by a skilled injector as well. The usual treatment only lasts around a quarter of an hour, with results lasting months, this is a fantastic trade-off in regards to your time. If you are worried that you didn’t have the time to deal with your seemingly ever-thinning lips, lip fillers are likely a fantastic option for you. Everyone can make time for such an efficient procedure.

Increasing Lip Size in Melbourne

Melbourne is a bright and bustling city that has an atmosphere that makes it a great place to get out and socialize. Having cosmetic complaints like thin lips can put you off making plans, or worse yet sticking to them, as finding the motivation to get yourself out there when you lack confidence can be difficult. Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne understand the difficulties not feeling like you look your best can cause, so they provide their patients with personalized service with close attention to detail with the goal of helping you reach whatever aesthetic goals you have. Book a consultation at their well run professional clinic to find out how lip fillers can rejuvenate your lip look.

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