Many people simply don’t have the time for the downtime and recovery periods associated with surgical lip augmentation. A lot of people, both old and young, would love to have larger lips, but many people assume they just don’t have the time. Thanks to the options available today, this isn’t the case, virtually anybody can fit in a lip filler treatment. Lip filler treatments may be light on time cost but are impressively effective at providing remarkable results. Don’t let being short on time ruin your plans to reach your aesthetic goals. Enjoy thicker lips, with little to no significant downtime, and a procedure that is very fast to perform.

How Quick Are Lip Fillers Really?

While quick is a relative term and often when you hear the word, it can be disappointing, but when it comes to lip fillers, quick really does mean fast. The average treatment takes on 15 minutes to perform, and this is by no means a rushed treatment, it is just extremely effective, especially with a skilled practitioner knowing how to apply the filler with precision to get thicker lips that not only look great but feel fantastic as well.

Is it Quick to Recover from Lip FIllers?

Many types of lip augmentation come with moderate recovery time, with lip implants, for example, there is cutting and the placing of the implant itself which causes quite a bit of disruption to your lips that can take some time to recover from fully. With lip fillers, most people find they can go straight back into their regular routine with minor considerations while the injection sites on their lips close and heal, and while any swelling or bruising that has occurred, which is usually minor, subsides. Most people require no time off work or other significant changes to their schedule, avoiding heavy lifting and more strenuous exercise is advisable as the increase in blood flow and pressure caused can increase bruising.

What is the Best Age for Lip Fillers?

People seek out lip fillers for a variety of reasons, even if they don’t have considerably thin lips or lips that have thinned with age. Often people merely prefer larger lips to suit their style or the look they would like to acheive. Due to this wide variety of reasons people consider this treatment, there is no ideal age for lip fillers. People in their twenties to their sixties and beyond are seeking lip fillers for a variety of concerns or enhancement goals. With more and more people realising there are less invasive and non-surgical options available for cosmetic concerns like thin lips the old stigma about “having work done” is long gone, with modern cosmetic treatments becoming more popular all the time.

Are Lip Fillers Permanent?

Lip fillers are semi-permanent, they provide a quite long-lasting result though, especially when you take into account the entire process usually takes 15 minutes or less to perform. Depending on the products used and how quickly your body breaks down the lip fillers, they can last between 6 – 18 months. To get a reasonable estimate of the lasting time you should expect you can discuss this with your injector; they will generally be able to provide a good estimate based on their experience using the specific products they have on hand. If lasting time is something of a high priority to you, this is something else that you can discuss to help find the best products not just to thicken your lips and look great, but last as long as possible.

Getting Started on the Quick Way to Get Larger Lips

If you are interested in lip filler injections and getting your lips enlarged, looking more youthful, or just restoring lost volume, the best place to start is to book a consultation with the best cosmetic clinic near you. If you are in Melbourne, it’s hard to ignore the marvellous products and service offered by Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors. At Skin Club, their skilled Cosmetic Doctors can perform lip filler treatments using high-quality injectable fillers sourced from only the finest manufacturers. Find out how much lip fillers cost to acheive your dream lips today, and have your fillers applied by experienced injectors to see how quickly and effectively you can plump thin lips by booking a consultation today.

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