Hyperhidrosis is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and patients often seek out different treatment options to help control their excessive sweating. Some offered treatments include medication, surgery, and even laser therapy. When choosing an Excessive Sweating Treatment, there are plenty of factors to consider. One of the most important ones that will cross your mind is the price tag of these treatments. Many clinics understand a massive market for these treatments with such a common issue. AS a result, many of them offer treatments at varying prices. These differing prices can make it difficult to tell the best price you can pay for treatment. To provide some help, we will spend some time in this article explaining the costs of treatments and the factors you have to pay.

Costs of Sweating Treatment

One thing to remember about excessive sweating treatment Melbourne is that there are actually many treatments. Because of that, there are different treatments with their different prices. Instead of just offering a single price, we will explain the prices of some of the most popular treatments to give you an idea of how comparable the prices are.

Botox Injections

Botox injections are one of the most popular treatments since they are noninvasive but do not cause any permanent damage to your body. How it works is that doctors will inject the treatment areas with Botox. While generally treating signs of aging, it can be handy in this situation because of the injection contents. Botox relaxes your muscles and nerves, preventing them from receiving signals to produce sweat.

This procedure is charged not by treatment by the number of injections you use. Each injection can cost several dollars each. Depending on how many you need, you can end up paying around $1,000 for a treatment session.

Laser Treatment

Lasers are one of the doctors’ newest treatments to cut right through your sweat glands. Instead of making incisions or injecting anything, the laser can penetrate your skin in a micro-opening that allows them to burn off your sweat glands completely. Since the technology is relatively new, it can also be somewhat expensive to get this procedure. You can usually expect the cost to be somewhere around $3,500. However, this can depend on what laser you use.

Radiofrequency Treatment

Like laser treatment, the procedure is a noninvasive treatment that aims to either eradicate your sweat glands or disable their connection. This process works by exposing your sweat glands to radiowaves that slowly burn them off completely. While highly effective, it also leaves you vulnerable to future issues such as heat stroke. The procedure is cheaper than lasers but takes more treatments to do, and overall you can expect to pay somewhere around $2,000.


When all else fails, your last option is to turn to surgery to remove your sweat glands physically. It is the most invasive process, so doctors usually save it as a last resort. The process works in a single treatment and can cost several thousand dollars, usually around $3,000-4,000 in all.

Factors That Affect the Cost

Number of Sessions

It would be best to be wary about how many sessions you need. Many people do not realize that some treatments require more than one session to work. How many sessions you need depends on the type of treatment, what you want to accomplish, and how much work doctors need to do for it. Something that intends to destroy your sweat glands, of course, will not need any follow-up sessions. On the other hand, if you are only trying to weaken the connection between your nerves and sweat glands, you may require multiple sessions.

Of course, having multiple treatment sessions also drives up the cost, and it can compound otherwise cheap treatment costs if they have to keep giving it repeatedly. Although Botox may be more affordable for their surgery, the price slowly adds up as you get more treatments to maintain the effects.

Quality of Doctors

Of course, treatment is one thing, but what also matters is the person providing it. Unquestionably, your doctor fees will make up a sizable portion of the overall cost. Just how much can depend on your doctor. These costs go directly to your doctor and relate to their expertise and experience in the field. That means that a doctor with more experience or specialization will charge a higher fee for this treatment.

Meanwhile, less experienced doctors and general practitioners will charge less. While all treatments need a steady hand, some are more important than others. For example, a Botox injection for sweaty hands treatment does not require the same experience level as surgery.

For more minor reputable clinics, a lower doctor’s fee is one way to make their prices cheaper. They must do that to compete, allowing them to bring their costs way down. On the other hand, a less experienced doctor also means a higher chance of something going wrong. They do not always fully understand the procedure, which means they are more likely to make mistakes. At the same time, they cannot make severe adjustments to the treatment, making it harder to maximize your results.

Type of Treatment

The reason here is pretty self-explanatory. As we see, the procedures can vary considerably depending on their requirements. Some require more experience and equipment, while others only need a few syringes. Of course, each of these differs in its method and what it can do. Some are great for the long term, while others avoid severe damage to reduce permanent changes. They can give you options you acheive your expectations and the best results. However, these differences also mean paying a different price for the treatment. In some cases, some medicines even have another method of charging you.

Location of Clinic

This factor may seem a bit odd when you hear it at first. What does the clinic’s location have to do with the treatment costs? Many clinics may not necessarily own their property and just rent the space. Even those that do need to maintain it somehow which costs money. The answers they do charge you for the operating room during the procedure. The purpose of those fees is usually for maintenance and rent, so the higher the rent, the more you will need to pay. Paying for this stuff is why some clinics in busy areas tend to charge much more because they have to worry about more expenses.

Meanwhile, clinics out of town or in less active areas can get away with charging less. This rent is why just going to the clinic nearest to you might not be the best idea cost-wise. Sometimes paying a bit extra for travel costs is well worth the lower fees in the clinic.


One troubling factor that many people often do not like to consider is the risk of complications developing. However, it is an important question to consider, not the least because it can affect your overall costs. As we see in the section above, treatments already cost thousands of dollars if they go right. However, with complications, there is a chance that they can undo the work that your treatment accomplished or require more work to try and correct it. To do so can require additional operations, which compounds your cost. Depending on how bad your situation is, the attempts to repay the procedure can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Type of Equipment

There is not just a difference in the type of treatment, but also in the kind of equipment they use. There are various tools that doctors can use to help you in any of these procedures. There are more than one type of lasers they can use or different kinds of Botox. The variety they offer gives you options as it allows you to find tools that can best help you. However, it also means that the costs can vary depending on your pick. Some of these tools are newer than others; some are more affordable or efficient. Which one you go for will alter the cost of your treatment. That is also not counting general equipment as was anesthesia, hospital gowns, or the operating room.

However, sometimes it is simply a matter of quality as well. For many clinics, a big part of their fees comes from the equipment they use. As a general rule of thumb, those clinics with better equipment tend to charge more because they are more expensive to use. However, less reputable clinics also take advantage of this fact by using less reliable equipment to drive down costs. It allows them to compete by offering services far below market value. The issue is that the treatments are less reliable and more prone to risks and side effects.

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