Fat Grafting

As the name suggests, this lip augmentation method uses fat, your own fat to increase lip size. Fat grafting lip augmentations take fat from another part of your body, very commonly your lower stomach near your bellybutton. This procedure is typically performed using local anaesthesia and sometimes mild sedation to help the patient remain calm throughout the procedure. The fat is removed, purified, and once prepared, transferred into your lips. While not completely permanent this option is quite long-lasting with lips often staying plump for five years or more.

Tissue Grafting

Similar to fat grafting in some ways, this procedure also uses parts of your own body for your lip augmentation, in this case, part of your skin. The skin is usually taken from the lower stomach area, sometimes taking advantage of removing C-Section scars or skin from a facelift performed at the same time. The skin once taken and prepared is rolled up and inserted into the lip. This procedure, like fat grafting, is quite long-lasting also lasting for five years or more and retaining a plumper lip. With both fat and tissue grafting, you are generally fine to go home the same day the procedure is performed.

Lip Implants

Those looking for a permanent solution sometimes consider lip implants, this procedure is similar to that of other implant procedures such as the well-known breast implants procedure. The lips are first numbed using local anaesthesia, after which incisions are made in both corners of the mouth. A tunnel is created in the lip itself using a curved alligator clamp. This tool is used to then pull the lip implant into the lip tunnel. The implant is positioned underneath the lip fat, but above the muscle tissue, this layer of fat helps to hide and protect the implant. Once the implant is positioned evenly, both ends of the lip are closed up using absorbable sutures. An experienced practitioner can perform a lip implant procedure in around half an hour.

Lip Fillers

While some of the earlier options can be somewhat invasive, lip fillers are not, one of the many reasons the demand for them is constantly growing. Lip fillers add volume, with the most common form of lip filler used these days is produced from a compound found naturally occurring in the body, resulting in the ability to produce impressively natural-looking and feeling results. The average lip filler treatment only takes 15 minutes to perform and last 6 – 18 months depending on the specific products used and the rate at which your body absorbs and metabolises the filler, which can vary from person to person. Lip fillers are applied with either a tiny needle or a blunt cannula to reduce the potential for bruising, which is better suited depends on specifically what the goals are of your lip augmentation specifically. After a lip filler procedure, you can typically go straight back into your normal routine with minimal issue if any. There is typically no downtime attributed to lip fillers, though it is often advised to avoid strenuous exercise and a few other things, they are very low impact when it comes to recovery but highly effective when it comes to their abilities.

The Best Type of Lip Augmentation

When it comes to what is the best way to augment your lips, it’s not a simple question. However, there are some considerations you can make. If you are looking for a much longer-lasting solution perhaps fat grafting, lip implants, or tissue grafting is more suited to your needs, that is if you don’t mind a procedure that is a little more invasive and intense than lip fillers. Lip filler treatment is the best option for many people as they are fast to perform, extremely versatile, and require little to no downtime. The most commonly used form of lip fillers these days is also reversible using a specific enzyme injection that can even rapidly dissolve your filler if you aren’t quite happy with how your lips look.

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