Cosmetic Doctors have been using the Plasmage device for its minimally invasive skin tightening technology for the face and neck. 

What is Plasmage?

Plasmage is an instrument developed to treat delicate areas non-invasively, something lasers and radio surgical units cannot do. It is the only tool used to perform non-surgical Blepharoplasty with quick results and other aesthetic and dermatological concerns. 

How does the Plasma Skin Resurfacing Procedure work?

Plasma Skin Resurfacing treatment via the Plasmage device works by creating a series of minute dots on the skin which trigger an instant contraction and tightening effect. This method creates a lifting and rejuvenating effect of the area treated. To acheive this, Plasmage uses the 4th state of matter, Plasma. It converts gas in the air to create small electrical energy which is used for the treatment without damaging the surrounding areas or applying any unwanted heat.

Is it painful?

Plasmage treatment is no more painful than having a surgical procedure. An anesthetic cream will be applied to the skin to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. Minor side effects such as swelling and brown spots will be experienced within 5-7 days following the treatment. Results are visible after one treatment and the full effect can be seen from 14 days to 60 days once the new collagen fibers form. 

Who is a good candidate?

The Plasma Skin Resurfacing procedure is ideal for those who struggle with mild-moderate loose skin as a result of weight loss or aging.The Plasma Skin Resurfacing treatment is the next generation in skin tightening and a great alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Plasmage treatment produces great results without lengthy recovery time

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