Are you happy about the shape of your nose?

Does the bump on your nose seem to annoy you?

Or do you feel like your nose tip is beginning to droop?

You are probably wondering why the nose of the man across the hall is so perfect while yours isn’t. Remember that there are many deterrent factors for having perfect facial features, such as ageing, genetics, injuries, and medical conditions.

Many people feel that the symmetry of their nose may seem unbalanced. Others can see how their nose tips are drooping while some think their noses are too flat. Remember that people come from different origins with distinct facial and body features.

While a lot of people do not have the privilege of being born with the kind of nose that they desire, they can still do something about it. The continuous advancement of the cosmetic industry now provides amazing ways to enhance the shape and sizes of noses. One of the best ways to combat these issues is with a nose filler treatment.

What is a nose filler treatment?

A nose filler treatment uses a gel-like substance known as hyaluronic acid. This substance is similar to the natural collagen-stimulating chemical found in the body. During your younger years, you will notice that your skin is smooth, firm, and elastic. However, as time passes, this natural chemical stops working, which depletes the supply of collagen in the body.

When this happens, the skin loses firmness, elasticity, and smoothness. No matter how little skin your nose has, ageing can still affect it. You will notice fine lines developing on and around your nose, as well as the drooping of your nose tip.

Our Brighton nose fillers can help combat these signs of ageing. The hyaluronic acid in nose fillers helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. As the fillers settle in your nose, it gradually integrates with your skin tissues, hence, holding the shape and size of your nose.

How is the nose filler treatment administered?

The nose filler procedure starts with the application of numbing cream, usually a topical sedative to numb the injection sites. This helps ease and reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. When the nose is ready, small doses of nose fillers are injected gradually into the nose while stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. The presence of collagen helps smoothen the nose while promoting hydrated supple-looking skin.

After twenty to thirty minutes of treatment time, you will feel and see instantly noticeable results that may be coupled with slight swelling and bruising. However, these downtimes will slowly subdue in just a few hours.

Nose fillers can enhance the height of your nose, the projection of your nasal tip, the symmetry of your nose structure, or can add volume to your nose. The use of fillers is ideal for those who prefer less invasive and non-surgical procedures to improve not just their noses but also other structures of their faces.

This treatment also works well if you have a mild prominent bump on the bridge of your nose and you wanted a smoother nose profile. However, this procedure may not be the best solution if you want to make your nose look smaller. In this case, your trusted cosmetic doctor may recommend another nose aesthetic procedure that suits your needs.

Advantages of Getting a Nose Filler Treatment

Nose fillers offer many advantages over the traditional surgical procedure of enhancing the nose. Thus, more and more nose aesthetics enthusiasts are choosing this procedure.

Here are some advantages of getting a nose filler treatment:

  • Cost-efficient: Nose filler treatments are non-surgical procedures, hence, you do not have to endure long hospital stays because the procedure only takes about half an hour.
  • Instantly noticeable results: The results are immediate with virtually no downtime and recovery period. You can drive home unaccompanied or return to work immediately without the need to worry about any surgical relapses.
  • Natural-looking effects: Nose fillers are reliable and provide natural youthfulness in the texture and structure of the nose.
  • Guaranteed safe and effective: Our skin clinic in Brighton uses only the highest quality of dermatologically tested products for nose fillers and other skincare procedures.
  • Personalised treatment plan: Our cosmetic doctors develop tailored nose filler treatments specific and unique to your needs while providing a natural contour to your nose.

Are nose fillers safe?

Nose fillers have become popular over the years and many have proven the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Rarely do these procedures result in complications or adverse effects since these are non-surgical treatments.

Our skin clinic in Brighton uses patient-specific sedative or anesthetics to ensure that it works well with the type of your skin and with your body mechanism. Your cosmetic doctor will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis of your nasal and skin condition to ensure safe and pain-free nose filler treatment.

Some of these nose fillers, however, may contain a dose of a sedative known as lidocaine. In this light, it is highly recommended that you disclose any allergies or medical conditions to your doctor to ensure safety and comfort during the procedure.

The Leading Nose Filler Provider in Brighton

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors is the leading provider of nose filler treatment in Brighton. We are happy to serve the residents of the nearby suburbs and communities in achieving their nasal aesthetic goals.

Our highly trained and experienced cosmetic doctors offer tailored treatment plans that target your specific needs while aiming to fulfil your nose enhancement goals. We pride ourselves on our nose filler treatments’ proven and consistent results with years of practice and continued cosmetic studies.

Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today and get that perfect nose structure with our nose fillers Brighton!













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