There are many options when deciding if you would like to undergo surgery to augment your eyelids. It is not always the best option for everyone, so it is essential to know what options are available before moving forward. While many people appreciate the benefits of Blepharoplasty surgery Melbourne, not everyone is entirely on board with surgery. Surgery is simply the last resort for their health; anything less than that is entirely unacceptable. It is an understandable fear as going under the knife is a significant decision that should not be made lightly. To answer some of those concerns, though, doctors continue to create alternatives for surgery using less invasive treatments.

Nonsurgical Alternatives to Surgery


One of the most common alternatives people turn to when getting cosmetic procedures is using injections instead. Cosmetic injectables are the most popular treatments that clinics offer because of their noninvasive nature and versatility. People find that injections such as Botox and Dermal Fillers are great at working on various issues, including issues with your eyelids. For Botox, this injection comprises special neurotoxins that freeze your muscles and cause them to relax. In this case, doctors often use them in upper eyelid surgery as it relaxes the muscles there. The injection works on the Preseptal eyelid skin, which begins to sag as time goes on. When Botox comes into effect, it freezes the area and prevents the skin from sagging.

Aside from that, another well-known injection is the use of dermal fillers. These injections do not do anything to your skin or muscles directly. Instead, when you inject this into your body, it seeps into your skin and gets a reaction from it, producing more proteins. As you get older, your body slows down in producing proteins essential to skin health, such as collagen. This result is that your skin begins to sag and wrinkles without anything from keeping it tight. Creating more chemicals can address the issue right at the source and start fixing your condition. This procedure effectively manages wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark circles.

However, while generally safer than surgery, some doctors are reluctant to give injections near your eye. Its proximity to never and small blood vessels in the area. There are many cases where even minor damage can affect your vision. Doctors cannot always have a clear shot, so they might reject giving you this treatment entirely.

Radio Frequency Treatment

Another nonsurgical alternative is to use radiofrequency technology to deal with sagging eyelids. This procedure is one of the newer ones and requires almost no physical contact or incisions. What happens here is that the doctors hook up your body to a machine that releases radio waves into your body. It works in a high-density dor pattern that can penetrate deep into your skin. Being radiowaves, they are not a physical product of physical insertions, which means there are no marks on your body. What these do is that they force your body to react to create more collagen in the treatment area. The procedure works by activating the stem cells around that area which can help add more flexibility to your skin.

Aside from that, laser procedures work in a very similar way by targeting the affected skin with a laser. These lasers burn off the topmost layer of leather for your body to repair the superficial damage on it. They do this by producing extra collagen, making your skin appear healthier and higher. In the end, both these treatments take about 15 minutes to complete and do not even require anesthesia. This quick procedure and lack of physical marks make it one of the mouse famous nonsurgical Blepharoplasty Melbourne.
The downside of this procedure is that while it can do a lot to restore skin health, it cannot deal with too much fat. If you have excess fat or tissue, these treatments can do little as neither of them is powerful enough to burn the fat.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

A less well-known procedure that some doctors use is an injection known as Platelet-rich Plasma. As the name suggests, this procedure uses Plasma from your blood to solve the issues in your eyelid. The process works by taking some blood from your body and placing it into a centrifuge. The machine will break down and separate your blood into parts that the doctor gets. They will then inject this new mixture into your eyelids. What this treatment does is stimulate natural healing from your body. Instead of just getting a reaction, the PRP encourages your body to work faster, making collagen growth and blood flow more efficient. The advantage of this procedure is since it gets the mixture from your body, rejection or allergic reaction is almost zero. It also works quickly, taking no more than 15 minutes for the whole process.

Chemical Peels

Another way to restore the life of your skin is with the use of chemical peels in your body. The procedure is so simple that you can even do it at home as the products are readily available in pharmacies. This product comes as a small strip similar to a bandage, and you apply this peel over your face. The difference is these peels are full of chemicals that seep into your body when they use them to your face. Once they are on, keep them there for a few minutes while the chemicals seep in before removing them. The procedure should encourage the healthier growth of skin and clear out any dead skin cells. The process excels at treating skin discoloration, such as dark circles.


In some ways, the process is similar to dermal fillers injection. How this treatment works, the doctor uses a series of needles to improve your skin’s collagen production. The main difference here is that these needles do not release chemicals into your body. Instead, the process works by using smaller hands to make dozens of tiny puncture wounds in your body. The damage is minimal and superficial, but it gets your body to react by producing more collagen to try and repair the damage. Doctors will do this multiple times over the next few weeks to keep the production going throughout the process. Like other injections, micro-needling rarely causes any severe damage and has less risk given how shallow the needles are.

Home Procedures

Sometimes it is not just surgery that people do not trust, but hospitals in general, and for many patients, they instead turn to alternative treatments. There is a growing suspicion among some people of the reliability of hospitals and other medical institutions. The result is the increasing number of home treatments that people use to try and address specific issues. Many home treatments usually involve applying substances over your eyes to absorb natural chemicals for eyelid surgery. These include things such as cucumbers, yogurt, or tea bags. When your body absorbs them, it can improve the health and tightness of your skin.

While some science is behind it, its efficacy is not as reliable. Since these are just home treatments, there isn’t much research or regulation. That means that there is no protocol for it at home beyond just applying it and hoping for the best when you do it at home. At the same time, since the procedure is entirely topical, the actual effects are limited. They cannot deal with existing issues such as excess tissue or fat.

Advantage of Nonsurgical Options

So many people take these procedures even if they may not be as effective because they offer many unique advantages. These can compensate for its shortcomings and can go a long way in improving your health,

The most significant advantage of this procedure is the lack of invasiveness. Just the very mention of surgery can get many people rather queasy, which alone stops people from getting treatments even if they know it can help them. That makes going for noninvasive treatments much more desirable as they can get the best of both worlds. The nervousness is more than just some irrational fear, though, as the possibilities of side effects are a clear and present danger in surgery. While it does not entirely disappear, less invasive surgeries can mitigate some of the risks that come with it. You won’t have to worry about infection and other threats.

Aside from being noninvasive, they are also faster and easier to administer. Surgery is a long process both to give and to recover afterward. It can take hours for even the best doctors to perform surgery, while it can take weeks to recover from the process. With this noninvasive surgery, you can be done in less than half an hour with almost no downtime since it is usually just a quick injection, nothing to recover from these treatments. Most of the side effects you encounter are pretty mild and easy to treat.

And lastly, there is no chance of scars or marks developing from these treatments since the doctors do not need to perform any incisions.

Disadvantages of the Nonsurgical Option

While there is some advantage of this procedure, there are also a fair few issues. The biggest one of these is the cost. While many of these procedures cost less on paper, the problem is that the price compounds. For almost all of these procedures, you need to get multiple sessions to acheive the full effects.

Sometimes you can require as many as half a dozen treatments before achieving results comparable to that of surgery. When that does happen, you only get them for one or two years at most because of how they work. While encouraging natural healing is more holistic, your body will only continue to slow down and mitigate these effects. To maintain the results, you will need to get repeat injections. For example, getting dermal fillers will slowly add up and end up becoming more than the lower Blepharoplasty Melbourne cost.

Additionally, the actual effects of the procedures are limited because of are noninvasive. Since doctors cannot make incisions, they cannot get into the area beneath your skin and start to make changes. In particular, when the issue is with excessive fat or tissue, there is not much this procedure can do since none can remove it. If your issue is more severe cases of drooping eyelids, then a nonsurgical method may not be of much use.

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