The signs of ageing are something we all have to deal with eventually, but with the advancements in science and in turn cosmetic treatments, you now have more options than ever before to deal with these increasing issues. One of the things that often comes with getting a little older is putting on a little extra weight around the face, which is further exacerbated by the loss of volume and elasticity in older people are collagen production reduces more and more. This excess fat tends to pool in the most inconvenient areas at times, frequently the chin, resulting in the dreaded “double chin” being a common cosmetic concern. As you get older, often you are even less inclined to want to have surgery unless you find it really necessary or of course it’s something medically vital, but if you have a double chin you’d like to reduce in size, you don’t have to worry about that anymore necessarily. Chin rejuvenation without surgery is a fantastic option suitable for many people, provided you still have reasonable skin elasticity and not too much loose skin you are quite likely a great candidate.

Full Face Rejuvenation

Often when you are looking to address cosmetic concerns that are more focussed on rejuvenation, you will be looking to target several problem areas. Several treatments can well compliment double chin injections when planning out a more comprehensive rejuvenation. Anti-wrinkle injections are one commonly combined treatment that can both target different problems, and together produce a more refined result. Dermal fillers are also an extremely useful tool for non-surgical facial rejuvenation that can also make an extremely effective part of a broader rejuvenation plan.

Loose Face and Neck Skin

While if you have more extensive loose skin, you may not be an ideal candidate for double chin injections until it’s resolved. If it’s not too intensive you have options other than surgery for that as well, a thread lift procedure can help tighten your face without having to opt for a surgical facelift or neck lift. If you have smaller areas of loose skin that are due to a lack of volume in specific areas, the lips being a common area that decreases in volume with age, you can address these with lip fillers. Just about everyone wanting to reduce the size of an oversized chin can benefit from double chin injections if fat is the primary factor causing it. However, if you are concerned about excess skin potentially making it not worthwhile or you not being a good candidate. Don’t despair, speak with your Cosmetic Doctor, and they can advise you on ways to regain the tightness of your skin as well to enjoy the benefits of a leaner chin fully.

What is the Best Age for Chin Rejuvenation?

People of all ages are suitable for chin rejuvenation if they are struggling with a chin that contains an excessive amount of fat. While younger people will generally be more looking to refine their features rather than rejuvenate them, the results are just as impressive. If you someone older suffering from the signs of ageing that has resulted in a double chin, you are likely well suited as well. There is no right age for this treatment, often just the reasons for wanting it can vary. Whatever your age, be sure to let your Cosmetic Doctor know of any medications you are taking during your consultation, especially ones that thin the blood, as they can increase the risks of side effects and the severity of them such as bruising.

The Best Non-Surgical Treatments in Melbourne

Skin Club in Melbourne provides its patients with an impressive variety of the highest-quality non-surgical cosmetic treatments available. So many people of all ages and genders are looking to enhance, adjust or rejuvenate their appearance without having to deal with invasive surgical options these days, and Skin Club’s Cosmetic Doctors excel at providing alternatives with remarkable results for many people. There are non-surgical options for many common cosmetic concerns these days, but just as you should with surgical options, you need to find experienced professionals to perform them to get the highest-quality outcomes. Book a consultation today, free of obligations, and see why Skin Club continually provides its patients with the best possible results.

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