Sweating more than usual can be quite frustrating, often those dealing with this problem will be willing to try just about anything to get some relief. When you are sweating too much, it can not only be uncomfortable and a little smelly at times, but it can also have a real detrimental effect on your ability to feel confident in social situations, or worse yet during your workplace interactions. When you aren’t putting yourself out there, you can miss out on a lot of things, and this makes excessive sweating a real concern and one that should be taken seriously. It also may be a symptom of other problems, some quite severe that may be as yet going undiagnosed.

How is Excessive Sweating Different to Normal Sweating

Sweating is normal, it’s healthy and something everyone does. Sweating too much though can start to be incredibly detrimental to your level of life satisfaction and have a detrimental effect on various parts of your life the worse it gets and the more self-conscious you feel about it. If your sweating is affecting your lifestyle and resulting in your avoiding social settings, having to shower excessively to feel clean, or staining your clothing with sweat stains, it’s quite likely you may have an issue with sweating excessively.

Symptoms of Sweating Excessively

Wet and moist palms and soles of the hands or soles of the feet are often signs of excessive sweating. Typically people tend not to sweat too much from their palms, but if this is something you notice regularly, this may be something to consider. Drenching and staining clothes is another sign you may have a problem, especially if this seems to happen even when you aren’t exerting yourself of it’s not too hot. If you have sweaty feet, you may find you experience a lot of foot odour if you sweat excessively, even when wearing socks your shoes rapidly may start to smell from the moist environment allowing bacteria to grow.

Do Home Remedies Work for Excessive Sweating

Like all home remedies your mileage will vary, often there is very little science backing these kinds of things so it can be very hit and miss. Not to say that some of them don’t have reasonable logic, and a lot of them can be typically quite harmless to try. Just beware of irritation and trying anything too extreme. Some commonly suggested things that are used as home remedies for sweating excessively are vinegar, tomato juice, potatoes, baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, tea tree oil, grapes, and a common classic for a lot of conditions salt. If you are dealing with problems sweating and a quality antiperspirant isn’t managing your issues well enough, it’s worth considering seeking professional advice and get some help.

Natural Ways to Reduce Sweating

There are a few lifestyle choices you can make to help reduce the amount you sweat if you already have a problem with excessive sweating you may not find this solves it by any means, but taking some of these steps may help reduce the intensity you are experiencing. Keeping hydrated is vital, this helps your body function at it’s best without struggling due to lack of fluids. Try and manage your stress and anxiety, don’t just avoid stressful things, but takes steps to manage your stress levels by perhaps seeking the help of a psychologist or other mental health professional. Caffeine can increase the amount you sweat, reducing this can be helpful, and with so many people that consume quite a lot of caffeine, this is one that can be done by many people as often we overindulge in this one. Keep drinking to a minimum, excessive alcohol consumption will directly result in increased sweating, but worse yet if you abuse alcohol withdrawal from alcohol with being even worse in this regard. A simple one but an important one nonetheless, try and keep clean and cool where possible.

Treat Excessive Sweating in Melbourne

Skin Club in Melbourne provides the finest cosmetic treatments for their patients. They are adept at treating a wide range of aesthetic and cosmetic concerns, even excessive sweating. Not just staffed but owned by Cosmetic Doctors, they can provide their wealth of experience to help assess your needs and offer you the most suitable treatments for your specific circumstances. Finding the right treatments for your personal needs is key to treating excessive sweating as effectively as possible.

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