It’s no secret anymore when men undergo cosmetic treatments. Since cosmetic procedures produce more natural-looking results, men are more confident in enhancing their appearance subtly. Their desire to look fit and healthy makes them more conscious of their physical appearance to be on top of their game.

Here are 5 things men tend to ask us during a consultation.

  • A good-looking muscular physique

Rather than facial cosmetic procedures, men tend to invest in body contouring. It provides them more definition on the stomach, chest, arms, and back since most men don’t have extra time to go to the gym and structure a lifestyle to have a ‘banging body’.

  • Instant treatments with instant recovery

Men are also concerned with the amount of time they need to spend for a cosmetic procedure. Male patients prefer non-surgical treatments that can be completed in a max of 1 hour and can go to their daily routines immediately. 

  • Limited amount of pain

A man’s pain tolerance is a lot less than women. They prefer minimal discomfort during their treatments even though they may be tough on the exterior.

  • A younger and more natural look

The majority of men favor subtle results to improve their looks. It has been very important for them that the outcome makes them naturally younger to acheive a fit and healthy appearance. 

  • To find a solution for hair loss 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a popular procedure amongst men to treat hair loss. The regrowth of thicker hair is naturally acheived and the treatment has minimal discomfort to no pain-free and with little downtime. 

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