Lip augmentation comes in several varieties, there are multiple choices to consider all with their pros and cons, but all with the same goal of plumping up your lips. Looking at enhancing the size and shape of your lips can lead you down a rabbit hole of options that can get overwhelming and result in you just putting off making a decision when it’s something you’d really love to have done.

Temporary Lip Augmentation has its Benefits

When you are considering your lip augmentation choices, it can be a concern for some people if they’ll be really happy with the results they acheive. Sometimes what you imagine you would like, in reality, isn’t quite the exact fit you were hoping it was. Many lip fillers these days are reversible, this gives you a way to rapidly restore your previous look thanks to an injectable enzyme that is able to breakdown a compound that is the base for many of today’s most popular lip fillers. Many alternatives to lip fillers are far more invasive and long-lasting, resulting in a lot more commitment; this is something that can be a sticking point and a key deciding factor for a lot of people. If you are considering lip augmentation, but you are concerned about the longer-term commitment associated with many of the other options, this is likely the best type of lip augmentation for you to look into.

Precision Results

When it comes to lip fillers, having an experienced injector perform the treatment is just as valuable as it is to have high-quality fillers. With the skill acquired from performing many lip procedures, a practitioner can draw on this experience to produce very precise and predictable results. The amount of filler required will vary depending on your specific circumstances, and this is something that is best assessed with a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor to discuss what you are aiming to acheive and work out a plan to best reach those goals. If you are looking for a more dramatic enhancement or are starting with especially small lips, you may require a couple of syringes.

However, if you are looking for a more subtle and natural-looking enhancement, a single syringe is often enough. Lip fillers come sealed in 1ml sterile syringes, so you will generally be charged by the syringe. Beware of clinics that offer you partial syringes at a discounted rate, as these are likely from other patients and can put you at risk of cross-contamination. Lip fillers can produce precise, safe, and predictable results when applied professionally.

Fat Transfer and Other Forms of Lip Augmentation

Many other types of lip augmentation cannot just require a lot more commitment and be more invasive; they can also produce far less predictable results. While they can still produce great results, they often lack the precise results that can be acheived with a skilled lip filler application. Fat grafting lip augmentation can sometimes lead to the transferred fat shifting or migrating as the lips are such highly used body parts that are almost constantly moving, this can lead to lumps and other imperfections such as asymmetry. When it comes to fat transfer lip augmentation there’s also the matter of losses occurring after the transfer, as much as half of the fat moved to the lips can die, resulting in a loss of size and potentially more work required to acheive the original desired results. The inability to predict how much fat exactly will survive the transfer is a stark contrast to the accuracy that can be acheived with lip fillers.

Lip Implants v/s Lip Fillers

Another option for lip augmentation is lip implants. Implants are available for many areas of the body, and the lips are no exception. While lip implants can acheive quite consistent sizes, they can result in an unnatural feel, and some people even find them just generally uncomfortable. For lip fillers though, they are fantastic at providing a natural feel to the touch, and once applied are quite comfortable once the initial injections have settled in and the injection sites have healed taking only a few days. After lip filler injections, you aren’t left with a foreign object in your lip that can feel uncomfortable, as you may find yourself after having lip implants.

Melbourne’s Best Choice for Lip Fillers

For many people, lip fillers tick all the boxes for their lip augmentation needs, and when it comes to the best lip fillers in Melbourne, you can’t ignore the amazing Skin Club, the best lip filler clinic thanks to their in-depth consultations, mixed with only the best lip fillers and skilled injectors. Book a consultation today to find out if lip fillers are a great choice for you and discuss lip filler pricing to reach your specific lip augmentation desires.

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