When people think of ways for vaginal rejuvenation, the first instinct is to visit a doctor and see what they can do about it. Seeking treatments is always a good thing, especially if you are sure there is something wrong. However, whether you need that treatment though is the real question. Often, doctors deem your issues mild enough not to require treatment. Instead, they can refer you to other methods of fixing your problem. One of the most common ways to help you without a cosmetic procedure is by giving you some medications instead. Many drugs can help by tackling some symptoms and compensation for the issues.

How to Find Meditation for Vaginal Rejuvenation


One of the first places you can always turn to when it comes to medicines and treatments. Even if you do not get treatment, a consultation with your doctor is free. Here you can meet with them and ask whatever questions you want. First off, though, your doctor will want to see what they are working with regarding your condition. They will generally do this by reviewing your medical records and running some tests if necessary. Usually, the purpose of this is to see if you are fit for treatment as they want to know the extent of your condition. If for whatever reason, they believe you are not suited for the treatment, they may reject you. However, the story does not need to end there as they can provide alternatives.

They also ask you about your own experiences with the situation and anything you want to do about it. However, the purpose of the consultation isn’t just for them to learn about your condition, and it is also about you learning about your options. After doing the review, doctors will begin to lay down your choices. Aside from treatments, they can also provide some possible options in terms of medication. Doctors can recommend some specific to your issues and even provide a prescription for too strong doses depending on how bad it is.


Aside from medical consultation, your other option is to do the research yourself. Thankfully there is a wealth of online information about medications you can use. With the internet, many companies are now taking to write posts about their medicines to show customers what they can do. With that knowledge, it can go a long way in helping you decide which ones might work best for you. However, know that if you rely on your research, it also means doing more of it. You cannot just research what the medicines do, and there are many more details you should know about before using them. The reason is that without a doctor to tell you about the medication, the responsibility falls on you. For example, you will have to research the side effects, the correct dosage, and whether the treatment has the proper testing. In some cases, even with the research, you may not even get the medicine because it requires a prescription.

Some Medications You Can Use

Estrogen Medicine

One of the most common ways doctors recommend treating vaginal dryness is using estrogen medicines. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for maintaining the health of your vagina, and it does this by keeping the area hydrated, creating vaginal mucus, and strengthening the muscles. However, estrogen production slows down as you get older and reach menopause. This slowdown directly affects all the problems you experience with your vaginal health, such as urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness.

However, while your body can no longer produce it, that does not mean there are other ways to get estrogen. A standard method is to use estrogen medicines to make up for the shortage in your body. These medicines can come in many forms, such as pills and topical ointments that you apply. To figure out which is best, you can consult a doctor and get a prescription for it. Fortunately, estrogen medicine is easy to come by as many pharmacies, and drug stores carry them.


Not everyone needs a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, and some do not even need estrogen. An alternative medicine you can use in estrogen is a new drug known as Osphena. This drug is a prescription medicine that doctors recommend to treat mild to severe cases of vaginal dryness. Although it does not make use of estrogen in its contents, it can still serve as an effective way to treat some issues. While it cannot replace estrogen, it can improve the symptoms you experience by reducing discomfort and pain. It can make regular activity such as wearing pants or specific physical exercises much easier as they are now less painful.

This drug comes in the form of a pill that you take once a day with some food, and it usually comes in 60 mg tablets that you eat. However, you should know that doctors do not recommend taking this medicine if you suffer from vaginal bleeds with strokes and heart attacks. At the same time, you should not take this treatment if you are already undergoing hormone replacement therapy.


Replents make use of topical emollients to moisten your skin. This product comes in an ointment responsible for treating rashes, sores, and acne. However, some people use this product for vaginal dryness due to its moistening dry skin. The label typically prescribes how much you need, though your doctor can also specify an amount to use.

You start by first shaking the container and then cleaning your skin to use it. Sometimes it can be better if you dampen the treatment area first. Once you have that ready, take only as much as the label specifies and begin dabbing it around the room. Be sure not to spread it over a larger area than you need. Once you spread it out, rub it gently to massage it. If your skin appears white, gray, or feels soggy, then it is a sign that you put too much of it.

Doctors recommend avoiding using this treatment if you have open wounds or burns near the treatment area.

VM Vaginal Moisturizing Gel

VM moisturizing gel is a topical ointment that you apply around your vagina. This treatment does not have any scent and has a perfect balance between electrolytes and water. That and the fact that it is Ph Neutral means this treatment can effectively mimic the texture and consistency of normal vaginal mucus. Such a fact is essential for stopping the spread and growth of bacteria. Many people who use this product also report that it feels very natural once they put it on. This comment means the ointment does not cause burning or itchy feelings that irritate your skin. Some even report that using the moisturizer also improves their sex lives as the process is more accessible and less painful.

The product comes in two forms. One is a bottle that you apply on your fingers and then to your vagina. The other is a tube that you can directly use in the treatment area. You can pick either one, depending on your preferences. You can get these ointments without needing a prescription from your doctors, which makes the whole process much easier to do.

K-Y Liquibeads Vaginal Moisturizer

Although one of the most common ways to deal with this issue, ointments and topical products have problems when you use them, one of the biggest of them is how much of a mess they make after the fact. If you want an alternative to vaginal tightening Melbourne but don’t want to deal with the cleanup, you may want to consider using capsules instead. K-Y sells these capsules in packs of six and, similar to other moisturizers, do not require doctors not to get. This makes the product much easier to get as you can just pick it up from the drug store.

These capsules are made from a silicone shell, while the insides are full of chemicals that lubricate your body. It works by inserting the capsules into your vagina, and from there, they will slowly begin to dissolve and release lubrication all over your vagina. Thankfully most people report that the process is easy to perform, and there is little to no pain from the procedure. This process will improve moisture and make doing things such as intercourse much more accessible. The process lubrication from each pill should last around two days before wearing out, after which you will need to reapply. Since it comes in packs of six, you should have enough to last you two weeks, more or less.

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