These are long vertical lines that start from the corners of the mouth and laterally branch downward the chin. Often than not, the corners of the mouth are turned downwards resulting in a sad and dissatisfied appearance.

There are three major components that make the marionette line more distinct. These are gravity, volume loss, and depressor muscles.

Gravity affects the downward and inward motion of the face, particularly the cheeks, causing it to fold and create marionette lines as well as nasolabial folds.

There are two ways that volume loss contributes to the lines and wrinkles on the mouth corners. One is the volume loss of the soft tissue which make the skin thinner and another is volume loss of the bone where the lower jaw or jawbone becomes thinner. This is more obvious to individuals with no teeth.

When the depressor muscles of your mouth are constantly activated, marionette lines are developed. Mouth corners are pulled down if you use these muscles repeatedly

Radiesse for marionette

Radiesse is a cosmetic injectable fillers that corrects moderate to severe skin wrinkles and folds, Radiesse can successfully fill nasolabial folds and marionette lines, unlike other fillers that are simply wrinkle dermal filler, Radiesse increases the collagen production of the skin leaving collagen in its place even after it has been metabolized.

Sculptra for marionette

A poly-l-lactic acid dermal filler, Sculptra is a semi-permanent fix to marionette lines. Sculptra is only a good alternative when the skin that surrounds the wrinkles has very little fat. Results are not immediate, and several treatments may be needed over time.

Bellafill for marionette

Bellafill is a volumization filler for hollowing in the cheeks, temples and under eyes. Use of bellafill is for deep folds in the skin like deep nasolabial smile lines and marionette. Bellafill is not designed for finer skin lines in the face

Get rid marionette lines without surgery

Anti Wrinkle Injections injections is one of the most common type of outpatient procedure for wrinkles in the face. Anti Wrinkle Injections treatments weakens the muscle and is considered very effective in managing facial wrinkles and folds. Anti Wrinkle Injections is known to be a poisonous substance but with the right amount can safely be used for cosmetic purposes. Anti Wrinkle Injections can enhance crow’s feet and smile line.

Fillers is one of the most popular treatment in Australia aside from Anti Wrinkle Injections. It is a quick and non-invasive way to enhance features. It is gel-liked substance injected underneath the skin to add volume to soft tissue and fill in fine lines and wrinkles giving you a more youthful appearance. facial volume loss in the facial structural component can be replaced using filler. Smile lines, frown lines, and other skin issues can be treated by filler.

There are different treatment available to fix wrinkles in the area of your face like Anti Wrinkle Injections and filler. The one you choose will depend on the severity of the current state of your skin area and also your desired results. In some cases, you may want to try a combination of procedures. It is best to consult your plastic surgeon to get recommendations on what treatment will best suit you.

Restylane for marionette

Restylane is non-surgical, minimally invasive hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid makes for a great dermal filler for marionette because it’s able to plump up the skin and fill in the folds from the inside. Restylane is typically a better option for mild marionette lines

How to hide marionette with makeup

Facelifts , dermal fillers, Anti Wrinkle Injections and a variety of cosmetic surgery can reduce wrinkles in the face. For a short-terms result, makeup touchups can also help for much lower cost.

  • Use concealer. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your regular foundation. After putting on your make-up, gently tap the concealer along your marionette.
  • Instead of concealer, you can purchase a white eyeliner or manicure pencil. With a steady hand, trace over the lines after putting make-up foundation. Tap the lines gently with your finger to soften them and then set them with a light touch of powder. If it will look too evident, you can apply them before the foundation but be careful not to smear them when applying the foundation.
  • Apply make-up on the chin. For another touchup method, buy white or light pink eye makeup and use a tiny makeup brush to apply it to your marionette area.

Marionette lines exercises

There are several exercises for the face that can help improve marionette

FIRST: Place two fingers above the lips and on either side of the nose. Push down gently to create resistance while simultaneously smiling. Work the muscles 20 times.

SECOND: Tilt your head back until you are looking at the ceiling. Start to make chew-like motions with your mouth. Repeat this process for about 20 minutes a day or more for the most noticeable results.

THIRD: Sit in a low-to-medium back chair. Tilt your head back toward the ceiling and purse your lips as if you were about to kiss someone, then release. Repeat this 10 times and then tilt your head forward into a normal sitting posture. Once a day, repeat this entire process in repetitions of five

FOURTH: Tilt your head back to the ceiling and purse your lips then stick out your tongue and try to touch your chin with your tongue. Extend your tongue toward your chin as far as it can go. Hold your tongue fully outstretched for 10 seconds and then return to a normal sitting position. Repeat this at least five times a day.

FIFTH: With your head tilted back toward the ceiling and your lips pursed, extend your lower lip as far as you can toward your upper lip. Hold this position for 10 seconds and return to a normal, relaxed position. Repeat this at least five times per day.

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