As you get older, you may hear of such terms as a loose vagina and loss of tightness. However, many people may not realize what that means. At the very least, they may not realize the full extent of the issue. Often what people think of this issue revolves around the sexual aspect and how it affects intercourse. While some parts revolve around this part, there are also other things that you have to consider. You have to consider several health issues when getting this issue. You have to understand these issues before deciding f you want to get treatment or not. That is why in this article, we will run through the different health issues that you may observe.

What Can Cause a Loose Vagina?

We should start with the causes of the problem and why you may have to consider getting vaginal tightening surgery. To figure out some health issues, you should first understand their origins and causes. The most common problem that people associate with a loose vagina is stress on your vagina. Large amounts of stress or trauma can cause the muscles to stretch out during pregnancy. During delivery, the process can stretch out your vagina muscles considerably. However, it does not always stay like that, contrary to popular belief. After some time, your muscles should begin to work back into place, albeit not in their original position, and it is only after multiple childbirth that the muscles start to wear out.

Another more gradual cause is aging and the slowing of your bodily process as time goes on. The reason is that as you get older, your body can no longer produce as many chemicals as it usually does. Some substances such as collagen and estrogen are essential in maintaining the health of your vagina, including its tightness. Without them, your vagina loses its elasticity which allows it to stretch out.

While we are on the subject, we should address one of the most common myths about the topic. Many people believe that vaginal looseness can come from intercourse, but that is false, and there is no evidence to suggest that having sex can cause vaginal looseness. This myth comes from the traditional belief that a woman with a loose vagina is promiscuous and was simply a way to shame women into chastity. The fact that pregnancy is much more strenuous does not cause permanent stretching at first is proof of that.

Health Issues

Urinary Incontinence

One of the most common issues that people bring up is urinary incontinence. As the name suggests, this issue is when someone can no longer retain their urine correctly. It doesn’t mean that you will end up urinating yourself altogether, and sometimes it can just be a few droplets getting loose and spilling out. There are several different types of this issue, such as stretching yourself or having a blockage in your body.

In most cases, though, the problems stem from the same place: a loose vagina. In particular, one area that weakens over time is the pelvic floor muscle, which serves as a gate for your bladder. When your vagina gets looser, it can no longer effectively hold your urine back, which allows some to slip through.

With vaginal rejuvenation treatment, though, one of the main benefits is that it can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and this treatment can grow more collagen that improves the tightness of your skin and muscles. On the other hand, surgery can physically alter and adjust the treatment of pelvic floor muscles.


Another common issue that people bring up with a loose vagina is dryness, and the reason is that these two issues come from similar causes, which is the slowdown of estrogen production. Estrogen is a critical hormone in maintaining vaginal health in your body. It does all that by keeping the skin elastic and producing mucus that keeps your vaginal walls moist. Without it, both of these issues will manifest simultaneously and be intertwined.

The dryness brings its share of issues, most prominently during sex. Many people report that after menopause, sex seems far less intimate and enjoyable, and for a good reason. We mentioned that the vaginal mucus acts as a lubricant during sex and allows smooth penetration. With your skin dry, the action is much more painful. Many people say it takes longer for them to finish in sex, and instead of feeling pleasurable, it just feels uncomfortable.

Aside from just sex, though, dryness can affect other areas. The irritation you feel can happen even with mundane activities such as sitting down or using the toilet. One reason is the dryness itself which makes your skin more irritable. However, what exacerbates the issue is that your vagina is looser and more visible.


Sometimes it is more than just a mild inconvenience when your vagina gets loose but an actual health issue. The reason for that is since it is getting more open, it also leaves it more vulnerable to foreign substances. Among the most common are bacteria constantly trying to get into your body. The difference is before vaginal mucus, and the acid could keep bacteria at bay. Without it, though, nothing is stopping it from gathering around your lady parts. All that bacteria can lead to an infection that only increases your already considerable discomfort. Among the many issues, a yeast infection is one of the most common issues people experience down there.

Why These Count as Health Issues

With all of this in mind, you may be wondering what makes these count as health issues. The answer to that is the changes it causes to your body. Aside from just causing some inconveniences, these can affect the quality of life. If it can make something as simple yet necessary as urinating an issue, then that goes beyond discomfort and needs to be treated. Many health experts understand this issue as they consider some treatments like this a health issue rather than a cosmetic one. In particular, they emphasize that point with urinary incontinence. As a result, when getting treatment for this, some insurance companies might even be willing to provide some insurance coverage for it.

So is a Tighter Vagina Better?

With all of these issues, you may think that a tighter vagina is the way to go as it leaves fewer issues. While that is true to a certain extent, it is not always the case. Too much of anything can be bad for your body, so you should watch out for it. For example, a tight vagina can be just as pain during sex if it is too close. When that occurs, penetration is much more difficult and can still lead to more discomfort than pleasure. Sometimes it can also be a sign of infections and other disorders that prevent your vagina from opening up properly, even if you need it. Like its looser counterpart, fixing the issue can require additional treatments and a visit from the doctor.

What Can You Do About It?

It can sound painful and exhausting to deal with all these issues, but thankfully you do not have to. As more and more research becomes available on the female body, there are now more methods to help treat issues like this. An entire branch of treatments comes specifically to address these issues, known as vaginal tightening; In this array of treatments, you have everything that can help treat your problems, from laser treatments to surgery. Each of these addresses a particular issue and goes about in a certain way to address your needs.

Lasers are one of the most basic yet effective methods in this treatment, and they are noninvasive but promise to provide dramatic results. It works by producing collagen in your body, which can spur natural healing by strengthening your skin on its own.

Next to that, you have surgery which is the most invasive but can also do the most. With a treatment like this, doctors can make incisions and physically alter the appearance of your body.

Aside from these treatments, there are also several topical medications and ointments that you can use. Some of these can help replace the lost estrogen and restore the chemical balance in your body. Others can deal with other issues, such as reducing incontinence and making the experience more accessible.

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