Thread lifts are one of the most common elective cosmetic procedures performed on the face, neck, and chest. Its non-surgical procedure but lasting effects make it very popular among people. However, while people understand the long-term benefits it has to your appearance, they do understand beyond that. Some people remain ignorant of the long-term effects and potential risks Melbourne thread lifts can have on your body. This is why in this article we want to take some time to address this by explaining some long-term effects.

What are Thread Lifts About?

The procedure involves sewing the skin and underlying muscles back to their original state of position to lift the skin, tightening the muscles, and ultimately smoothing the skin. There are various areas of skin around the face, scalp, and neck that doctors tighten with thread lifts. You can choose to do this as a stand-alone procedure, or together with many other facelifts or surgical procedures

Once they finish tightening your skin, doctors use the threads to keep them in place before closing the incisions. This leaves your skin looking several years younger. This gives a healthier appearance as it removes all wrinkles and sagging areas of your skin.

What Are Some Thread Lift Long Term Effects

No Long-Term Volume Changes from Thread Lift

One thing you should understand about a thread lift is that it does not seriously alter the makeup or volume. This means that while you look younger and healthier, nothing changes. As you get older, your skin doesn’t just look different, it also changes the facial volume. This is due to the loss of collagen and skin elasticity that leaves excess skin. 

However, with a Thread Lift, they only alter the appearance of your skin by folding it back. If they remove any excess skin, it is usually a very small amount. They do not change the volume of it so this means there is a chance the threads can weaken. When this happens skin can start sagging again.

Thread Lift Treatment is Not Always Long Term

Yes, while it does make an invasion, the actual duration of this procedure is not always certain. Some people say it can last for around three years while others have it only a little over a year. This is a pretty big gap especially given that this treatment requires incisions. It is because there are a lot of outside factors to consider. This can include what kind of sutures they use, the condition of your skin, and your lifestyle. Additionally, what you do after can also affect how long the results last.

Eventually, the threads will break down and get absorbed by your body. By that point, there is nothing that prevents the skin from falling back to its original position. Because of that, you need to do something in order to maintain the effects. This can have to repeat treatment to push it back to its original spot.

Results Do Not Form Right Away

A common misconception about cosmetic treatments is that once the procedure is done, you can immediately see changes. While true for some, it isn’t for others like Thread Lift Melbourne, the results take a while to show. It can take several months before the results fully come in. This is because with a thread lift you often deal with swelling after the fact. It can mask the results until it goes down. You can quicken the process with medication, but sometimes it should occur naturally. From there it can begin to show its results. 

If you still don’t feel the effects after a while, you can talk to your doctor about it. They can check if there is any issue with the treatment.

Thread Lifts can Require a Long-Term Change in Lifestyle

Yes, there are ways you can help make results last longer with this treatment. You would be surprised how a few small changes can boost the effects of this treatment. Things like avoiding too much physical strain on your face are one way to do that. Aside from that, you should also avoid moisturizing your face too much immediately after the treatment. More simply, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are also important as these can prevent your skin from sagging and wrinkling even more. If you wanna learn more about this, you can consult your doctor about the dos and don’ts.

At the same time, another thing you can do to enhance the effects is to get other treatments along with it. You can get lipcosution, fat transfers, and other treatments. Working with those together can deal with the shortcomings of the Threadlift.

There Can Be Rejuvenation Effects

There are two major effects. The first of these is with the sutures themselves and how they fold back your skin. When doctors fold them back and close the incisions, it works to improve the appearance of your face. This adds some extra structure to your face by keeping you from sagging. However, there is also a secondary effect.

With the sutures clinging onto your skin, it can spur the growth of collagen. With the sutures they sometimes contain barbs that cling onto your skin. They do not hurt, but create small punctures that get a response from your body. Any damage to your skin can help spur the growth of collagen. Collagen is one of the main chemicals in your body responsible for maintaining strength and elasticity. This production can last longer than the treatment itself, going on for years after.

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