The “Super Face Lift”  is a non invasive way of giving structure to the face and its here to stay.

Dermal Fillers are improving our skin quality as well as providing a natural, tighter and younger look.

They have led us away from infection prone thread lifts. However, times have changed. Technology has developed and now PDO thread lifts providing greater lifts and next to zero infection rates. There is a new way of creating that non-surgical facelift.

Don’t pay the exorbitant prices for a pricey yet unnatural face lift.

Trust the aesthetic eye of a Cosmetic Surgeon or Doctor. They have dedicated their career to understanding facial aesthetics.

The game we play against gravity is a never ending and unwinnable one. Whilst it pulls down, the dermal fillers try and pull up. Dermal Fillers and now PDO thread lifts are the safest forms of treatment with which we can fight the effects of gravity when it comes to the ageing face.

And no amount of quinoa, anti oxidants and genetics can prevent you from the inevitable. Gravity will always win until you do something that has evidence base behind it.

The solution used to be to pull it all up like a pair of slouchy socks, snip off the excess then sew it nice and tightly together. Sure, there was no more slackening around the chops, but the new face looked permanently shiny and surprised even after a significant period in hiding. Thankfully, cosmetic medicine has moved on.

Refining the Process

For the past 8 years or so surgeons have been refining the process of the thread lift; whereby surgical threads are inserted under the skin and secured into place.

The process now has evolved from the threads being held in place first by sutures, which didn’t provide lasting results. Plastic surgeons in Europe and Asia experimented with feathers, followed by barbs!

However now we have cone technology which has been proven to provide the best and long lasting support. We call it “Super Lift” without surgery.

The cones look like tiny little wizard’s hats placed along the thread – and work as a nice counter balance – pulling up against the effects of gravity. The procedure is carried out while the patient is awake (under local anaesthesia) so they can remain aware of how much is being lifted and where. A thick needle is used to insert the thread into the fat layer underneath the skin, the thread is then linked to the soft muscle tissue. The thread passes up underneath the skin and is gently pulled by the doctor to get the desired lift before being secured into place.

A Natural Look

Within a few weeks of being inserted under the skin the cones lodge into the surrounding tissue. The best bit: it works anywhere. Threads can be used for an eye lift, they can pull the neck back up into place, tighten droopy jowls and restore cheeks to their rightful position. All of these areas can be done in a single procedure giving general tightening effect to wrinkled & sagging skin.

It’s best to maintain a neutral expression for a few days and not to move the area too much while the cones settle into place. Steer away from video montages of people falling over and cats on youtube!!! Heed this advice – and the collagen gets a chance to grow around the cones. In time, the thread and cones will dissolve – but the brand new collagen: that’s yours to keep, providing some permanent support in the lifted areas.

Less Downtime

A full facelift is still one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the USA with about 165 thousand people going under the knife and forking out between $12 and $25 thousand dollars for a refresh. The results don’t last as long, but patients are opting for this type of face lift as the recovery time is only days rather than months with surgery and at only 1/5 of the cost.

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