Liposuction Recovery Timeline


Liposuction is a common procedure had by many people every day all over the world. It can be quite life-changing for a lot of people, but when going into it, it’s good to be prepared for all aspects of the procedure not just having it, but afterwards as well. If you are still considering having liposuction, it’s also helpful to know what could be ahead of you should you choose to go ahead. Recovery from liposuction is something people frequently are concerned about understandably. However, if you follow your doctor’s instructions well and take a little extra care during your recovery period, you may just be surprised by how smoothly things can go.

The First Two Days

You may find yourself experiencing some mild to moderate pain during this period. However, this is generally well-controlled through the use of pain medications if necessary (speak to your doctor about what is suitable in your situation). During this time and the first day in particular you shouldn’t be surprised to see some fluid discharging from the incisions made during your liposuction procedure. Bruising will also typically start to display itself during this time if present. If you find yourself developing a fever, contact your doctor straight away. Also, if you experience a significant increase in pain during this time, it may be worth getting checked, though some pain is to be expected. Towards the latter part of this segment of your recovery period, the pain should be starting to settle down from the initial peak after your treatment had been completed and any anaesthesia had worn off.

The First Five Days

During these first five days, there are some broader, more general considerations to take into account. One of the big ones is to ensure you are wearing your compression garment consistently and moving it every two hours to help prevent the formation of blood clots, as well as reduce swelling. It’s also crucial during this time to keep well hydrated and to make sure you rest as much as possible. During this period showering and especially bathing is not advised, it is typically recommended to have a sponge bath or use a wet washer to keep yourself clean during this time. Washing your hair over the sink can help make this a little more pleasant and stop your hair feeling too oily or sweaty. Things like this are why it’s incredibly useful to have a partner, family member, or close friend helping you during your recovery and especially at the start where things can be a little harder to do on your own. Usually, around the fifth day, your doctor will want you to return to the clinic for a post-op visit to have your incisions inspected and check for signs of infection and other issues that may need to be addressed. This visit is an excellent part of the process and a chance to put your mind at ease as the compression garment is removed and you will be looked over to make sure everything went as planned. Discuss with your doctor if it’s ok to start carefully showering again and doing other forms of light exercise.

Two Weeks After the Procedure and Beyond

At this point, it’s common to be able to return to work, provided your job isn’t too physically intensive. Once you get to the third and fourth week after the procedure by this period, typically you will be able to start reducing the amount of time you are wearing compression garments. By the end of the first month, you should be comfortably ready to go back to exercise and other normal activities that may have been hampered previously. You may still have a little swelling for a few months, but once that passes the completed results of liposuction will be revealed.


While this timeline is a very general one and should be taken only as a very rough guide on what you could face after a liposuction procedure, it’s vital to listen carefully to your doctor’s instructions and check in as needed on time. Things can vary for everyone, so it’s very possible things could be more than a little different in your situation. If you are wondering about liposuction aftercare, what it’s like to recover from liposuction, or have other liposuction questions the best way to get them answered is to book a consultation at a clinic with doctors that are skilled in performing these procedures. Just about anywhere you live these days is likely to have some clinics nearby, if you are looking for liposuction in Melbourne it’s definitely worth checking out Skin Club, they provide an exceptional range of treatment options for all your aesthetic concerns and are not just staffed but owned and operated by skilled Cosmetic Doctors.

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