Liposuction Can Do More Than Remove Excess Fat


While liposuction is an incredibly well-known procedure, largely thanks to its ability to produce dramatic results, not so many people are aware that it has other uses as well. While removing excess fat from problem areas can be amazing, if you are already well defined and looking to enhance your definition further and showcase your best features a variation on traditional liposuction can actually help with this as well.

Liposculpture vs Liposuction

Liposuction is an impressive tool to deal with excess fat, but what if you are looking for something more refined, that provides more of an enhancement that a correction than liposculpture might just fit the bill. While very similar procedures, typically liposculpture can be performed under local anaesthetic, and can sometimes even be done with smaller incisions resulting in less potential for scarring. Liposculpture will often be performed on multiple areas at once, but with smaller amounts of fat typically removed compared to the average liposuction procedure.

What Kind of Person May Want Liposculpture?

If you don’t have any significant concerns with problematic areas that are accumulating excessive fat deposits, and are instead more interested in contouring, increasing muscle definition, and sculpting a more refined look than you may find liposculpture a better fit. People that make good candidates are often looking to take their hard work and training a step further aesthetically by making the most of their efforts by getting some help to take it to the next level. While liposuction is more the tool to get bigger jobs done, liposculpture is the technique to add some flair and make your best features stand out.

Liposculpture for Men

If you are seeking a way to enhance traditionally masculine features aesthetically, liposculpture can be a fantastic option to consider. Everything from sharpening your contours to producing a sleeker more straight shape can be acheived. Liposuction for men is suitable for a lot of people looking to deal with problem areas. However, if enhancement is more aligned with your goals liposculpture may be a far better fit, especially if you already have quite modest amounts of body fat and would just like to see a little more of what’s hiding under the surface. The stigma for men seeking cosmetic help is rapidly fading leading more and more men to seek out ways to look their best and feel the most confident they can, if this sounds like you don’t let embarrassment stop you from enjoying your body as much as you’d like and book a consultation for liposculpture or liposuction today to find out what it may be able to do for you. These days no clinic will be surprised to see a man walk through the door, and any quality clinic will be able to make you feel comfortable quickly with a professional attitude.

How Much Does Liposculpture Cost?

The price of liposculpture or liposuction will vary significantly depending on the amount of work you intend to have done, the areas you want to target, and a few other factors. The best way to get an idea of what you are likely to have to pay to reach your target goals is to book a consultation and be personally assessed. Having a consultation allows you to learn more about your options, including alternatives to liposuction that may be applicable to your needs, and ensure you are a viable candidate for either of these procedures. If you live in Melbourne consider checking out Skin Club where they are well-known for their in-depth consultations that come free of obligations, as well as their high level of professionalism that is upheld as the clinic is not just staffed by skilled cosmetic doctors but owned and operated by them as well.

Remove Lipomas with Liposuction

Another fascinating use of liposuction is the potential to remove lipomas which are benign fatty tumours that can form commonly in various areas of the body. If you are looking for a treatment for lipomas, discuss with your doctor the potential for liposuction to help as for many people it can be a viable solution. An open approach lipectomy is often the approach used to remove a lipoma, so if you are suitable, you may find this an option that can remove your lipomas as well as get rid of excess fat deposits if the lipomas are also forming in what you would consider a problem area for weight retention.

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