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Lip Fillers explained by Dr. Vi

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Skin Club is owned and operated by qualified doctors, not nurses or clinicians. Our personalized diagnosis process ensures that you’ll receive expert medical advice, before we start the treatment.

Treatment personalised to your exact needs

Every SKIN CLUB client begins with a discussion of their personalised needs, to determine what suits your face and body best. Every individual is different, and our tailored treatments reflect this.

Finest products sourced globally

Using only the finest products sourced from around the world, SKIN CLUB clients enjoy proven and consistent results with their lips. To see how we can acheive the best results for you, arrange a no-obligation consultation today.

Frequently asked questions

What are lip fillers made from & are they safe?

Here at SKIN CLUB, only high quality dermal fillers and lip fillers are being used to create volume, contour and add definition to the lips. HA is one of the key ingredients for Lip Fillers, a substance which naturally occurs in the body and so it’s almost completely safe to use.

How long do lip injections last?

Temporary Lip Fillers will typically last between 6-12 months, however this depends on several factors including the volume of filler injected and the brand of the dermal fillers. Also we may include lifestyle factors, such as smoking or sun exposure, which can affect the longevity of results as well as how quickly your body breaks down the filler.

Do lip fillers hurt?

During the treatment, you will feel a bearable level of discomfort. Some clients choose to have anaesthetic cream applied to the lips, which should make the treatment more comfortable. The lip filler also contains a local anaesthetic called Lidocaine, this will help to ease discomfort post treatment.

Is it true that your lips feel hard once you've had lip enhancement?

Tender and sore lips for the first couple of days after the treatment are expected and you may have the sensation of that their is heaviness in your lips. Your cosmetic doctor will be able to give you an indication of how your lips should feel in the days following your treatment so that you know what to expect.

Can I get 0.5mL of lip fillers?

This is a frequently asked question and the answer really depends on the Cosmetic Doctor. Our Cosmetic Doctors rarely use 0.5ml on our patients as it brings about little difference to the size of the lips. The cost of 0.5ml or 1ml is the same because you are using the full syringe and unfortunately dermal filler only comes in 1ml syringes from manufacturers. Sometimes our Cosmetic Doctors are training staff and they have test product or left over product. In such circumstances the case is different and yes you can have 0.5ml. This option is only reserved for VIP or repeat patients as SKIN CLUB.

Recovery Time

Ice packs are offered to reduce the swelling with the lip as swelling occurs after treatment. To avoid bruising of the area its important to apply ice, however this is not backed by evidence and more of a comfort measure. Patients are reminded not to touch the area when it is being treated. Its common to be suprised at how good your lips look when you are having the treatment done and then be compelled to touch them, just to make sure whether they are real! We can tell you now that the results are instant and yes they are real once the dermal filler is being injected into the lips. Lips may also dry out in the first 12-24 hours so using a lip balm can help.

The lip area is sensitive to swelling and rarely it can take upto 7 days before the swelling dissipates, with the full effects of lip fillers being seen and felt by 2 weeks. At this stage, the filler treatment will be reviewed by the practitioner. Small lumps are common at this time and can be massaged gently as they will absorb. If these lumps are larger or persistent, they can be corrected by the treating doctor.

Does the doctor use numbing gel, nerve blocks or ice?

Evidence suggests that numbing gels and ice have limited benefit in treating pain when it comes to lip filler and dermal filler treatments. Beauty is minor pain as they say. However, with the new fillers being introduced to the market which now carry a healthy dose of numbing solution, it works wonders in taking away any discomfort. We inject high quality dermal fillers such as this and make the whole procedure for our patients much more comfortable. A Nerve Block is rarely used as it carries unnecessary complications in itself.

How long before I can wear lip liner or lip stick again?

No makeup or product should be worn or applied to your lips for at least 12 hours following treatment.

When will I see results?

The difference will be noticed immediately but for the product to completely settle in it may take 2-6 weeks. Every treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs. Our treatment plans are designed to minimise risk, and provide long term effects.

Is there any downtime?

Usually up to 2 weeks after your treatment there may be swelling and bruising, but easily covered with makeup. Extreme warm environments such as saunas or sunbeds should be avoided within the 2 week stage post treatment. Manipulation of the treated area should also be avoided.

Am I right for this treatment?

If you are a normal healthy person then you can get lip fillers at SKIN CLUB. Our treatments take minutes at the hands of our Cosmetic Doctors. Moreover, wrinkles that develop due to lifestyle factors such as ageing/smoking can also be treated to a significant extent around the lips.

Smoking lines that develop around the lips require an expert eye for attention. If you are seeking more information regarding whether you are the right fit for this lip fillers then please call (03) 9999 7368 or fill out the contact form. As with all anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments, patients should avoid all blood thinners for 48 hours prior to treatment.[4][5][4][5] Rao J, Chi GC, Goldman MP. Clinical comparison between two hyaluronic acid-derived fillers in the treatment of nasolabial folds: hylaform versus dermal fillers. Dermatol Surg. 2005 Nov. 31(11 Pt 2):1587-90.

I want my lips to look natural but subtly fuller. How do you avoid the 'duck lips' look?

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors work with the natural shape of the lips to add volume and definition. ‘Duck lips’ often occur when the wrong type or too much filler has been used. That’s why it’s important to ensure your practitioner has extensive experience along with a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy.

Expect Great Results

Skin Club’s Cosmetic Doctors are highly trained and renowned for acheiveing great results. Dr Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery in both Melbourne and Melbourne since 2012 and has a loyal patient base spanning several countries.

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice. Dr. Vi Sharma is actively involved in training doctors and nurses in aesthetic and cosmetic treatment modalities.


Cosmetic Physician MBBS MBBS, Former Member of RACGP, ACAM


Be In The Best Care

Dr. Pallavi Sharma is one of Melbourne’s best, well respected cosmetic doctors and aims to provide longstanding anti-aging benefits for her clients. With over 11 years experience in Performing cosmetic procedures, Dr. Sharma has lectured medical professionals regarding cosmetic treatments and is heavily involved in providing up to date cosmetic treatments to her clients and friends.

Cosmetic Physician MBBS FRACGP FACAM QAO

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SKIN CLUB offers the finest service for Lip Fillers in Melbourne. We are heavily booked for a reason! Our experienced Cosmetic Doctors offer personalised treatments to clients in our Melbourne Clinical Studios.

After a discussion about the type of fillers in Melbourne, site of injection, amount, and realistic expectation of results, you can decide if and when you would like to have the treatment. If you wish, you can have the treatment done the same day!

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