Lip fillers are often associated with “duck lips” or “kissy face”. However, this social media trend is long gone. Nowadays, people are opting to enhance and define their lips naturally.

What Substance is Injected Into the Lips?

Most dermal fillers today are made from HA (HA). HA is a substance that is naturally produced in our tissues, making for HA dermal fillers to be injected into the skin. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, Dr Vihang Sharma trusts only Teosyal products because they offer the most natural and long-lasting results.

Kind of Injection Techniques 

Lip tenting is used for older patients to contour the lips and for younger patients who want volume in the central part of the lips. This is done by injecting the filler vertically near the border of the lips. This technique makes it easier for the doctor to y control the volume and shape of the lips. 


Keyhole Pout – this is used when patients desire an “Angelina Jolie” pout or with fuller lips. The doctor will place a piece of dental floss vertically down the middle part of the patient’s bottom lip to create an indention. The outcome is a pillow-like, full lip appearance.  

Many doctors are using different techniques to create more natural-looking lips. Only trust a certified cosmetic doctor to help you safely attain a long-lasting, gorgeous lip!


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